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title. across the universe
author. [livejournal.com profile] amorphic
series. Bleach (manga)
character/pairing. Ichigo/Orihime
disclaimer. Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite
spoilers. This manifesto covers the entire manga series to date (up to chapter 445)
notes. There is already a ship manifesto for this pairing but I decided it was time for an update since it was written all the way back in 2006. =)

if i keep wielding the sword, i cannot embrace you. )
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Title: Near Wild Heaven: Rukia x Ichigo x Renji
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Kuchiki Rukia x Kurosaki Ichigo x Abarai Renji
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hallowd
Word Count: ~ 7500 words, whoops
Disclaimer: Bleach is copyright of Kubo Tite, Shounen Jump, Studio Pierrot et al. I own nothing. This is a fanwork for fun, not profit.
Warnings: het and slash

Thanks: Long ago, [livejournal.com profile] tenebris made me see this OT3. Much more recently, [livejournal.com profile] jaina heartily approved, [livejournal.com profile] raynos squeed at the right time, and [livejournal.com profile] kawree provided clever translations, pretty pictures, and inestimable support and was a true blue sine qua non. Fabulous acknowledgements, my ladies.

Notes: This manifesto follows manga canon, so it's peppered with spoilers up to the current arc (Fake Karakura). Names are given in the Japanese order, surname first. Dial-up users are kindly asked to exercise patience: this post is quite image-heavy. Please click on the thumbnails for full-sized images!

    Quick-and-Dirty Glossary

bankai: lit. "full release"; the fully realised, strongest form of a zanpakutou's power; only a rare few shinigami ever achieve this level
Hollow: dead souls that have lost their humanity and become monsters that eat human souls
reiatsu: lit. "spirit pressure"; the spiritual power and vitality of a shinigami
shinigami: lit. "death god" ("Soul Reaper" in the Viz translation); guardians who guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife and keep watch for Hollows causing havoc
Soul Society: the beyond in the Bleachverse; the spirit world where souls go, and from which they are reborn into the living world. Shinigami reside in Soul Society.
zanpakutou: lit. "soul cutting sword" ("Soul Cutter"); the official weapon of the shinigami, and an extension of their spirit

Near Wild Heaven )
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Title: The Beauty and the Bald

Author: the_tox

Pairing: Madarame Ikkaku/Ayasegawa Yumichika

Fandom: Bleach

Spoilers: Up until chapter 327/episode 220

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or Bleach.



This is why I ship IkkaYumi )
Wheteher or not they're a couple don't really matter to us fans of this couple. Like stated, the way they act around each other is enough to satisfy us. Even if they're just friends, they're damn close friends, and hey, that's equally awesome.
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The Kuchiki Byakuya and Abarai Renji Ship Manifesto

Title: Red as the Rose, White as the Lily
Author: [livejournal.com profile] selenityshiroi
Pairing: Kuchiki Byakuya/Abarai Renji
Fandom: Bleach (Manga)
Spoilers: Everything through the Soul Society Arc and a few moments from the Hueco Mundo arc. Minimum details given outside of the pairing, though.
Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite, not me.
Warnings: Pretty men? Together?

Red as the Rose, White as the Lily )
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Title: Tomato

Author: [info]halclouds A.K.A. Cezaria

Fandom: Bleach

Pairing: Ulquiorra Cifer x Orihime Inoue (Abbr. UO)

Spoilers: Chapters 314 - 354


7-05-2009, rewrote some parts so I don't sound insane

Introduction - Back with a lot more canon than crack!

I have to admit, as I start to write this, I'm still a little shocked at what happened with this pairing within the span of 2 years since I wrote the last manifesto about it. 2 years ago, I day-dreamed about Orihime drastically changing Ulquiorra, and about how they finally reach an understanding with each other.  Today, I'm no longer dreaming.

Why the title? Well, if you cut open a tomato, it kind of looks like a certain organ very relevant to UlquiorraxOrihime, that and tomatoes are special to us. See end notes for why.

As usual, Ju-Ni scans are used because they're better at the translations, though I might quote differently. Also, the terror known as Red Text is back, and if you take those too seriously I will laugh at you, etc.

I want to thank many, many people, especially the UO Fanclub at Bleach Asylum and UO Baidu Boards (Chinese). I also dedicate this manifesto to every single one of the Ulquihime shippers out there, even to those who might not agree with me, because you guys just rock.

Note: If you have no idea who these two people are, or haven't thought about this pairing before, please read this manifesto before you proceed.

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It would only figure I'd be added after I've posted it everywhere. Nonetheless, I have finally finished, and I'm proud of this. Well [community profile] ship_manifesto   have a nnoinel manifesto!

NnoiNel Manifesto:
brought to you by hpim

Title: Hate is What Defines Us
Author: [profile] hpim  
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Nnoitra Jiruga/Neliel Tu
Spoilers: If you don't read the manga this will seem oddly suspicious on it's own, so basically? A lot of them. Up to 312 in the manga.
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach <3

NOTE: This manifesto took a lot of time and thought, and it's exploring a lot about hollows no one seems to like to address. I am not saying that Kubo needs to expressively make this canon, I am saying in this manifesto that what is provided makes it likely they are as 'canon' as a hollow couple can ever be. I don't ask that you agree but that you listen. Kubo Tite has made his world a very complicated one and I intend to be as close to what he's showing us as a fan can be.

Credit: A huge special amazing thank you to Brandon, my handsome and brilliant C.C. moe-loving-comrade-in-arms, for his proofreading and revisions. ( xD) I would also like to thank Meg and Mao for giving me a reason to write it, and the whole fandom for loving NnoiNel as much as I do. :)

Warning!: PICTURE HEAVY because I like evidence not assumptions :D

cutcutcut )
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Title:Don't Forget Till You Die - A Look At Apache and Grimmjow
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Apache X Grimmjow
Spoilers: Through manga chapter 305, although only with events relevant to the characters.
Notes: So I think I've finally cracked in writing this one. These characters are so god damn unlikely to get together, that I just had to fall in love with em as a pair =P I had a draft of this on my journal that hardly anyone bothered to read, and so I am going into this with no real beta but myself. I hope people find it enjoyable (if anyone does bother to peak) and perhaps become a little more open to the ship.
Credit: Manga scans were taken from OneManga.com, all credit going to the original scanslators. Bleach and all related characters are property of Tite Kubo. The title is snatched from Bleach 287, kudos to those who knew that already.
Grimmjow x Apache Ship Manifesto  )
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Title: The Beautiful Princess and the Not-So-Charming Prince – A Grimmjow/Orihime Manifesto
Author: [livejournal.com profile] renegade_raine, but y’all can call me Raine. <3
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques/Orihime Inoue
Spoilers: I pretty much go through all of their interactions through the entire series so far, so those of you not up to date with the manga might want to avoid this.
Special Thanks: The Grimmjow/Orihime fanclubs at Narutofan AND Bleach Asylum. I <3 you guys~!
Notes: Contains manga scans, so it might take a little while to load everything. Be patient, please!
Also, in the rare chance that any moments come up, I shall update this~!

Click here for the smexiest pair in the series! )
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Title: Fascination
Author: [livejournal.com profile] halclouds A.K.A. Cezaria 
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ulquiorra Schiffer x Inoue Orihime (Abbr. UO)
Spoilers: Up to chapter 284 

Notice: (April 21, 2009)
Part 2 can be found here.

Red text on pictures should never be taken seriously. I will laugh if you take it seriously.

This started as a long, biased, fangirl rant that was intended as something fun to read for UO fans while we sit and wait for Kubo to release the Espada from his matchbox. Then [livejournal.com profile] misora  suggested I post this here. But I figured it was too informal to throw out to the open and it might annoy people who ship Ulquiorra or Orihime with anyone else. This called for a lot of rewriting and reorganizing. But anything is worth it for my OTP <3

Most of the Scanlations come from Ju-Ni, with the exception of chapters 192-194, for which I used Manga-Rain.

Big thank-yous go to the lovely peeps over at the UlquiHime FC at Bleach Asylum, the UlquiHime LJ Community, and UlquiHime Baidu Boards (Chinese).

I am aware that some people find this pairing pure crack, and it does not have an inkling of a chance to become canon (even though we insist it is!). One is an enemy, the other is a main protagonist. One is a hollow, the other is a human. One serves Aizen, the other fights against Aizen. There is -no chance- these two can ever be together, right? EDIT (April 18, 2009) No, it's not pure crack. For the sake of PC-ness I won't say it's canon, but no sane person will agree that this pairing is crack anymore.

That's why this pairing is so...fascinating )
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Title: Potential and Possibilities.
Author: Kanae [profile] kanae_mizuhito
Pairing: Hitsugaya x Matsumoto 
Fandom: Bleach
Word Count: Roughly 5,600.
Author's Note:  Right so, first of all, I want to let some things clear: I know that most people out there are HitsuHina shippers, and I also know that that pairing has some good chances of becoming canon. I know that, and I’m not trying to deny it, either.

I also know that there are kinda a high number of GinMatsu shippers out there, and that there is some history between both couples that can’t be overlooked. 
I know all this, and I respect it as well; but it’s for that reason that I’m asking you guys to respect my opinion as well.

And this manifesto was too heavy ^^U So even though it's short, I had to divide it in four different parts. 
Here are the links to them:

Part II.
Part III.
Part IV. Extra

Special Thanks to InNeverland, Who fixed all the mistakes in this manifesto. You rock!

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Still There: Uryuu has a Thang for Hime

Pairing: Ishida Uryuu/Inoue Orihime
Fandom: Bleach
Title: Still There: Uryuu has a Thang for Hime
Author: debbiechan
Personal Website: debbiechan.com

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and thanks mods for allowing freeform fun. This essay looks at some IshiHime moments in the Bleach manga and focuses on Ishida Uryuu’s feelings towards Inoue Orihime. When I wrote my previous shipper manifesto about this couple, I had no idea of the depths of shipper dissension among fans of various couples in Bleach. I hope that this follow-up won’t annoy anyone: it scarcely mentions any Bleach characters but Ishida and Orihime. While predicting the course of the story is part of the fun of serial manga and although writing opinions (even those that annoy people) are a shipper’s right, let us on Valentine’s Day celebrate Dork Love.

All translations are by M7. I prefer the Ju-Ni translations of the manga but Ju-Ni didn’t translate early volumes. Specific chapter assignations aren’t given to pictures and text this go-round because I …got lazy.

So now to the Dork love overview in which Ishida the bespectacled, socially awkward handicrafts master (as well as steely-eyed fighter and expert archer) deals with a beautiful girl whose intelligence and quirkiness match his own

He's always been there for her and still is )
[identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_debbiechan_/
This essay was due later this month but I'm posting early because I'm going out of town. I may not be able to respond to your comments. Thanks for reading.

There All Along: Reasons I Believe IshiHime Might Happen by debbiechan

Pairing: Ishida Uryuu/Inoue
Orihime Fandom: Bleach Title: There All Along: Reasons I Believe IshiHime Might Happen
Author: debbiechan
Personal Website: http://www.debbiechan.com

This essay contains spoilers for the manga Bleach up to chapter 258. It presumes the reader has a little knowledge of the storyline. For a more thorough run-down of the early plot, go to Electra Torch’s shipper essay here: http://community.livejournal.com/ship_manifesto/102536.html

Because of irrefutable fact that Orihime has a crush on Kurosaki Ichigo (and not Ishida Uryuu) this essay also looks at Ishida and Orihime (IshiHime) in context of the Orihime and Ichigo relationship (IchiOri). The two couples are inseparable from the plot. Because Orihime’s crush on Ichigo is almost imperceptible the anime, this essay will only reference the manga.

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Title: Everybody Loves A Loser
Author: Jess ([livejournal.com profile] findingfaramir)
Email: findingfaramir[@]lanthir-lamath.net
'Ship: Renji/Rukia
Fandom: Bleach
Spoilers: For the entire manga (up to chapter 239), probably goes for most of the anime up to the fillers too!
Thanks: To my lovely friend [livejournal.com profile] claeemms, for re-reading half of Bleach with me over the phone.

Note: I haven’t seen more than a few episodes of the anime, so I’m just going to stick with the manga here.

And I’m sorry this is a day late, but I had to move into school this weekend and didn’t get my internet up and running until this afternoon.

well I’m sorry but I love you )
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Title: I Will Follow You Into the Dark
By: Britt ([livejournal.com profile] luvinaoshi)
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo/Kuchiki Rukia
Spoilers: Up to more recent Bleach chapters (pretty much the whole series so far)
Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach. Woe is me.

And we're burning under control )
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Title: Left of Center
Author: [livejournal.com profile] annwyd
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo/Inoue Orihime
Spoilers: For the entire manga to date (chapter 1 to 236). Tread carefully.
Email: annwyd [at] gmail [dot] com
Notes: Um, I sort of went over the wordlimit here. My apologies. D: I am never doing a main pairing here again. Except maybe Allen/Rinali.
Left of Center: Ichigo/Orihime )
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Aiyeeee, this is late. I've suffered severe writer's block and heavy schoolwork, and hadn't had time to turn on the computer. Is it still...allowed? *swallows*

Title: Temporary Heaven
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo x Kuchiki Rukia
Fandom: Bleach
Author: [livejournal.com profile] stardust_rain
Spoilers: Not really? Most of the plot involving IchiRuki is mentioned, but that’s all.


* All names are in surname, given name format.

* Because of an over-complicated double plot, I’ve skipped quite a lot of episodes and manga chapters – thus, the plot summary is not whole and pretty damn unreliable. Also, this only covers up to Soul Society arc, and nothing afterwards because the current arc is still ongoing and imcomplete.

* The lines and quotes come from subtitles and scanlations by Lunar and manga-rain or manga7 respectively. For Urahara’s line I used the manga7 translation instead of Lunar's subs since, technically, it was more correct.

* And lastly, but most importantly, all my thanks goes to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] penguin_sensei and [livejournal.com profile] bonita_chaotica for their beta reading and conductive criticism.

With that said:

I forbade you to come after me... )
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Title: The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] annwyd
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Shihouin Yoruichi/Soi Fong [KITTONBEE] (because I've never used a stupid pet name for any other pairing, I might as well give in for this one)
Spoilers: As pertains to the two characters in question throughout volume 18.
Email: annwyd [at] gmail [dot] com

The Basics
Bleach is a shounen series by Kubotite. It's one of the most complex series out there, so I'm not going to try to sum up the plot and characters. Besides, if you're reading this, you probably know it. But just in case: there are two worlds, Earth and Soul Society, and grim reaper-like individuals called shinigami mediate the flow of souls between the two.
The Characters )
The Canon )
The Pairing )
The Conclusions )
The Hints )
The Fandom )
The Other Bits )
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Title: The Geek Gets the Girl -- Ishida Uryuu x Inoue Orihime
Fandom: Bleach
Author: [livejournal.com profile] electra_torch
Spoilers: Mild spoilers up to chapter 61 and any chapter between 61 and 186. Heavy spoilers for chapter 91-92; 120-130ish; 180-183. Heavy Ishida-centric spoilers for chapter 184-186

He'd be a nice guy if he didn't talk that way... )


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