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 Title: Keep It In the Family.
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Pairing: Largocest. (Luigi/Pavi/Amber.)
Author: Incylilspider
Disclaimers: I don't own nuthin'.
Notes: Swearing and incest and threesome, so if you don't like, run away. :D

Repo! The Genetic Opera, or just Repo for the more lazy, is a pretty unknown underground film that’s already gotten a cult status made in 2008, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman...the Saw guy. And that definitely shows a lot in Repo. There’s violence and gore everywhere you look...but that’s not the reason it’s gotten so such an adoring, devoted fan-base and a seething hatedom. Repo is a very strange film...and it’s definitely not for everyone. A rock-opera set in the not-so-distant future, where the world is falling apart after a epidemic of organ failures that has killed millions and put even more people in debt. See, out of the ashes, GeneCo rose, a company that provides organs for anyone who needs them...which immediately means that GeneCo is an incredibly successful and wealthy company. Yet there’s a catch to their generosity. You, of course, have to pay to keep your organs and if you fail to do this, you’ll have the Repo Men on your back and they’re gonna get those organs out of you, even if it means your left bleeding to death on the ground. Tough. Life’s a bitch and then you just keep on living...or not.

GeneCo is run by Rotti Largo, the most powerful man on the planet. He made it legal for the Repo Men to hunt down the ones who’ve failed to pay for their organs...which basically means this man has made murder legal. I know right? Rotti has three grown-up children, which are the focus of this manifesto, but we’ll get more into them later. The main focus of the movie is of Nathan and Shilo Wallace, father and daughter, who have been drastically affected by this new world and especially of Rotti’s grudges and manipulative nature. I’ll try not to spoil things too much, but basically Nathan used to married to a lady called Marni, who dated Rotti before seeing Nathan. Rotti, being the jealous little bastard he is, set up Marni’s murder so it looked like Nathan killed her by accident. Then, milking his guilt and grief for all that is was worth, Rotti forced Nathan into becoming a Repo Man. Nathan is pretty messed up now...he keeps his seventeen year old daughter Shilo, the main character of the film, locked up indoors because of her blood disease and is overprotective to the max. He is ravaged with guilt over his lost Marni and is pretty much a woobiekins if it wasn’t for the fact his Repo Man alternate personality is a sadistic, evil little fucker that takes great glee in ripping people’s guts out.

There’s even more to the film, like Blind Mag, whose trapped performing for the Genetic Opera, Shilo and Nathan’s intense relationship, the mysterious Graverobber running around in the background and of course, the Largo kids. All in all, Repo is a great film, original, inventive and heaps of fun. It’s campy and it can be ridiculous, but there’s a lot beneath the surface to scratch at and there’s a sea of possibilities to think and write about. Even though the critics shat all over it, (probably because of the presence of Paris Hilton,) it’s a lot of fun, and is very interesting...and the cast, music and art is kick-ass. But let’s get on with it...let’s turn to the Largo kids.

First off, a great thing about being a shipper in the Repo fandom is that you can ship ANYONE and it’s still perfectly plausible. And hot...and disturbing...but still hot. All of the eight characters have great chemistry together and you could seriously pair anyone up with anyone. So if you don’t like the Largocest, you can still have a Grilo, (Graverobber/Shilo,) or a Shathan, (Shilo/Nathan,) or even a Rotti/Nathan if your into that. The possibilities are endless. It’s a shipper’s wonderland.

Largocest is very popular, because in Repo-land, we don’t care about incest! But being serious, the Largo’s are so sexed-up and outrageous, you wouldn’t put incest past them at all. There are numerous nudges and winks that these siblings are a little too close throughout the film, which crazy fantards like ME lap up with joy.

But who the fuck are the Largo kids? Why does this stupid writer keep on talking, why can’t she get to the point? Well I’m sorry, geez...

Luigi and Pavi Largo and also Amber Sweet, (formally Carmela Largo,) are filthy rich, outrageous and fucking insane...although nearly everyone in the cast is crazy, they’re probably the loudest and most obnoxious out of them all. Spoiled rotten and free to do whatever the hell they want, they’ve got the world at their fingertips and they still want more. They’re constantly at each other’s throats and are each clambering for their father’s inheritance, as the bugger’s nearing his death-bed...unaware that Rotti hates the whole lot of them and would rather chuck his inheritance at Shilo...(Shilo/Rotti exists people...and its brilliant.) They’d stab each other in the back easily for a chance at running GeneCo...and it’s pretty clear they hate each other. But just like the rest of the cast, there's more to the crazy, childish, violent, sexed-up Largo kids then meets the eye. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Let’s start with Luigi, the eldest Largo child played by horror-icon Bill Moseley. Look at him...doesn’t he look like a nice guy? He’s very smart-looking isn’t he, with his slicked back hair and his ascot and his...knife...and bat-shit insane...look. OOKAY! Guys, Luigi Largo has some serious anger-management issues. Nearly every scene he’s in, he’s either yelling obscenities, stabbing someone or ripping off his shirt (which makes me happy...). Luigi Largo doesn’t take shit from no-one, not from you, not from some GENtern who gets brains on his shirt and especially not from his siblings. This is a guy who will kill you over a cup of coffee. Literally. He has an intense rivalry with Pavi, a very odd fixation with Amber and he hates to get blood on his shirt...hence the constant shirt-ripping (oh yeeeah...). Despite all of this, Luigi is a bit of a man-child, more so then his younger siblings. His violent outbursts are often more hilarious then frightening, resembling an angry toddler’s temper tantrum...except for the stabbing bit. If Rotti gives him a hard look, he’ll sulk and pout, if Blind Mag gives him a stern telling off, expect the same reaction and he’s seen bursting into tears at the end of the film. He considers himself the toughest and the smartest, although Amber is more likely to take on the smart-role. He holds a lot of contempt for his siblings but holds his father in high regards. And oddly enough...during the finale at the Genetic Opera, he’s seen trying to get Shilo away from Pavi, although if it’s just because he’s protective or has sex on his mind, we’re not too sure. (And yes Shilo/Luigi exists....as well as Shilo/Pavi...and it’s awesome...)

All in all, Luigi is a violent, yet childish force to be reckoned with...don’t get him mad...although everything gets him mad...and don’t ever give him decaf if you value your life. Actually...just stay the fuck away from this guy.

The middle child! It’s a-Pavi Largo, played by Nivek Ogre, lead-singer of the band Skinny Puppy! Yeah, look at him there with his fancy-shmancy clothes and his mirror and his weird hair and his...face? Yeah guys see that face their? He cut it of a pretty girl he saw and stuck it on his own...why? Cause he’s messed up. Pavi Largo is an extremely flamboyant, vain, man-whore who can flounce just as well as any of his GENterns. Apparently bi-sexual, even though we only ever see him drowning in women...and also a rapist, although we don’t see this either, mainly because while you can laugh at a murderer, it’s hard getting a laugh out of watching a guy rape a girl and then cut her face off. Okay, Pavi Largo steals women's faces because his own one was horribly scarred by something we are not told about. He is obsessed with how he looks and every scene he’s in has him with a mirror in hand, primping and staring at himself nearly all of the time. He has a ridiculous Italian accent and is shown to only ever have sex on his mind. Yet, he seems to be rather cheerful and avoids physical fights, armed with breath-spray which he’ll spray in your eyeballs if you want to push him around. As said before, he has a rivalry with Luigi and they’re both like a double-act, seen constantly together...which extends to real life as well, cause Ogre and Bill Moseley have totally got a bromance going on. Pavi is amazingly self-absorbed...to him, the whole world is Pavi-land and everything revolves around him...and the constant goal of getting laid. He doesn’t seem to pay much attention to Luigi or Rotti or Amber, but he’s seen being a bit embarrassed over Amber’s antics once...and probably wants her face. It’s shown that he probably finds Luigi amusing and he’s convinced that his father adores him as much as the rest of the world does. (Rotti/Pavi exists...and it’s kinda nasty...but still awesome...) Actually, Pavi is under the delusion that everyone loves him...and this is where we can dig a little deeper. The guy is seen as a totally hedonistic, bouncy kinda person, yet we know he has this real nasty side to him. We never see Pavi’s darker side, the rapist and the face-stealer. We always just see a giggling, bubbly guy with the mind of a horny teenager. He hides beneath a smiling mask, so we never get to see what he’s really thinking or feeling.

All together, it makes a quite creepy character, although still hilarious and camp-tastic. So ladies...if Pavi wants some fun time with you, don’t ever say no...it might make him feel insecure...might make him question if everyone really does love him...it make him start peeling your face off.

Finally, we get to Amber Sweet, formally Carmela Largo played by Paris Hilton, yes that Paris Hilton, shut up, don’t judge me. Miss Hilton actually does a damn good job, believe it or not as a drug-addicted, surgery-addicted, spoiled rotten, slut-tastic heiress...wait...what? Oh, I get it now. Amber Sweet is the youngest and only girl in the Largo trio. She is a whiny, wannabe singer, who is deeply envious of Blind Mag, as she believes she’s stealing her thunder. Amber changes appearance every-time we see her, getting new hair, new eyes, new outfit, new nose all the time. We can see she has a quite a collection of surgery-scars...Miss Sweet is also addicted to Zydrate, a painkiller developed by GeneCo so people can deal with the agony of surgery. In particular, Miss Sweet is addicted to street-Zydrate, a cheaper form of the drug extracted from the dead, which is where the Graverobber comes in. Although she can clearly afford the GeneCo Zydrate, she seems to prefer the danger and thrill aspect of getting it off the streets. She’s also a slut, just like Pavi and she has a fling going on with Graverobber, (who’s pretty man-whorish himself). With a flutter of her eyelashes, she can get anything she likes off her father, (yes, the Rotti/Amber exists and is nasty and awesome.) She’s very touchy-feely...she’ll shove Mag and Shilo around when they annoy her...play with Nathan’s hair...throw herself at Graverobber...fondle herself when she’s high...and lick Luigi’s ear. She acts like a rebellious teenager, ditching public events for a Zydrate high, throwing hissy fits when Mag gets more attention then her or if she’s temporally refused surgery and can be seen lounging around, rolling her eyes when her father gets mad at her. Yet, the girl has some street-smarts on her, probably gained through her back-alley shenanigans. At the end of the film, we can clearly see that Amber is a lot smarter then she looks and is possibly just as cunning as her father. We can also assume that Amber is rather vulnerable, which we can see when she’s high and she takes on a childish demeanor and the constant running off when she’s upset. She whines and she skips and she stomps off in a huff, but she can play the male members of her family like a fiddle with her baby-doll voice and a twirl of her hair. Amber is a young lady very prone to outrage and melodrama, but everyone just loves her anyway.

All around, Miss Sweet is manipulative and she’s girlish, but she’s more damaged then she looks and even though you’d never think it, she has a brain on her as well...even if it is constantly fried by Zydrate.

So why would anyone ever ship these three kids together? They don’t seem to get along very well and they’re all messed up in their own unique ways.

To me, it’s the simply marvelous chemistry. They seem to hate each other, yet at the end, these siblings are united. But are they? Could they turn around and start stabbing each other in the back the second the cameras are turned off? We just don’t know. Of course, they’re all a product of their environment, and if maybe they had a different upbringing, they would’ve been much different people. They’ve got this shared history, shared childhood together that I just find fascinating. What made them turn on each other? Why is Luigi a knife-nut, what happened to Pavi’s face, why is Amber a surgery addict? The Largo kids are just so interesting. Of course, not every fan likes them, just like I’m not greatly fond of Graverobber, but everyone is different. And the people who do like the Largo kids have so many different paths to explore when it comes to their relationships, their past, their feelings...what makes them tick.

And they just act like little kids! Squabbling amongst themselves, throwing insults around, taunting each other. Yet, they’re all seen united in tormenting lil Nathan...they do seem to work together as much as they bicker. So there’s some definite fondness there, just as much as the back-stabbing. On a more sexy-time level, all three Largos clearly have a great fondness for coitus and really, they seem quite open-minded. The world where the film is set, the morals have been seemingly thrown out the window. You kill whoever you want...you have sex with whoever you want. Being related doesn’t really seem to matter.

It’s not just speculation. Luigi and Amber are well...kinda all over each other. There’s ball-grabbing, ear-licking, butt-groping...the list goes on. Even Pavi comments on it. Pavi and Luigi, although this is more of a stretch then Luigi and Amber, are rarely seen apart. And can I say it? HATE-SEX! Sorry. But yeah, these guys are really the double-act of the film...the comedy duo. It’s not hard to think there’s some violent sexy-times going on in the background. (Watch the finale, Luigi totally tackles Pavi to the ground and disappears suspiciously off-stage...they come back later, but STILL.) Amber and Pavi are the hardest to justify, (but they still have fanfics), and this might be petty, but at the end Pavi’s totally fondling her, but Amber’s like BITCH DUN YOU TOUCH ME! BAM! Yeah, I know that’s not really evidence, but still. Whatever. And yeah, we’ve got the threesomes as well...heheh. Well as seen before with the Nathan-torture, they can work together...and seem to enjoy it. So YEAH!

That’s why I love Largocest. It’s twisted, but it’s fascinating. We’ve got heaps of winks to it in canon and a whole lot of ideas and wonderings in fanon. The dynamics between the three kids are just a lot of fun to watch and they’re love-hate relationship is just so interesting. Each character can be dug away at and examined closely and there's just so much beneath the surface. Of course, we can’t really expect any healthy relationships to come out of it. Therapists don’t seem to exist in Repo-land. Most of it’s gonna be nasty and violent. Yet, that’s why I love it. It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. It’s mean and it’s bad. That’s ten times more interesting then something sweet and fluffy to me.

So if you like the filthier side of things, if you like the tantrums and the rage-fits and the violence and the hate...you’ve got yourself a great set of characters to toy around with. And if you don’t like that kind of stuff then...I dunno...flame me to hell. I’ll be doing the macarena with the Devil, you just watch me, we’ll have one hell of a time!

Like I said, the Repo Fandom is full of fantastic fans who write great stories and draw brilliant art. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I’m the lurker-girl. Ambigi, (Amber/Luigi,) is probably the most popular cause it’s the most obvious, but Pavigi (Pavi/Luigi), has a strong following as well (and it’s my favorite, did I make it too obvious?) Pamber (Pavi/Amber,) doesn’t have as much luck as the other two, but there’s still a few around. And the threesomes...well there’s HEAPS of them!

I recommend checking out the Repofiction group right here on LJ. Not only does it have a lot of Largocest fics, it also has every other pairing under the sun, if Largocest doesn’t float your boat. Also for the dirtier people amongst the audience, check out the Repo-Kink-Meme, which is linked at Repofic. Quite nice! There’s also a LJ group called Largocest, but it’s smaller and not as active as Repofiction, but it has some great art. Art-wise, Deviantart is bursting at the seams with Repo-groups, Repo-artists and some fantastic artworks. Fanfiction.net...well...y’know.

There’s of course, the porny, nasty fics that can still be enjoyed, but there’s some great emotional pieces, that really explore how the Largo kids tick and what made them who they are. My personal favorites are the stories that show us the Largo kids growing up and what their childhood's were like. You think your family is dysfunctional...hahah! But yeah, I won’t lie, even though I adore the character-studies, I’ve read a bit too much of the smut to be considered normal. YAY FOR PERVERTS!

Hope you all enjoyed yourself! If you haven’t watched Repo yet, you might have to search around for it, but give it a look. You might hate it, but then who knows, you might become a new fan! And if you do like it, make sure you tell all your friends cause the more money the Repo-guys get, the better chance we’ll have a SEQUEL! OH YEAH!

See ya guys later!


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