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Title: Star Crossed
Author: [livejournal.com profile] speshulduck
E-mail: a.keller1@gmail.com
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Pairing: Trip Tucker/T'Pol
Spoilers: As of this publication date the entire series has aired in the U.S., so it's safe to say all four seasons will be spoiled for you.
Notes: Thanks to everyone at [livejournal.com profile] similitude for sharing their obsession, pain, and fic recs with me. As a general note I'm somewhat of a critic of the flaws in Enterprise, but I tried to keep that out of the manifesto. There are certain things that I ignored when it came to writing it -- like nearly all of the second season -- but I did my best to keep any criticism of the writers and producers out of it. This disclaimer does NOT apply to the finale however, as I'll be making the (very easy) argument to not consider it canon. This is over 6,000 words, so all apologies!

The irritation, the dislike, the rudeness, the differences, the hot and mostly naked-and-covered-in-gel decon scene. It was apparent from the very first episode of Star Trek's fifth live action incarnation Enterprise that we had one hefty interspecies 'ship bearing down on us. Over the four years that Enterprise has been on the air we've watched her characters grow and shape themselves around each other, the most obvious of which has been a good Southern boy and a logical Vulcan.

After four seasons and 98 episodes, Enterprise has taken its cancelled place in the sky. Zip up those uniforms and charge your phase pistols for humanity's first wild ride into deep space.

'C'mon, it's not like we would have made the ideal couple. A Vulcan and a human? Romeo and Juliet stood a better chance.' )
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Title: Cheesecake and Pecan Pie, Oh My
Author: Merlin's Sister
E-mail: michemerlin1@aol.com
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Spoilers: Up to the end of Season 3. A nod to Season 4.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] samgirl for the beta. And also to [livejournal.com profile] wandersfar for the transcripts provided at LD of those key Trip and Hoshi conversations.

Enterprise is the fifth incarnation of the Star Trek universe. It is a prequel to the Classic series (ie Kirk and co) and is set on the first Warp 5 ship sent out on a mission of exploration. This essay is about the relationship, and its possible development, between Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III and Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Cheesecake and Pecan Pie, Oh My )
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Title: Anchor and Lodestar: Jonathan Archer and Malcolm Reed
Characters: Jonathan Archer/Malcolm Reed (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mareel
Spoilers: All of seasons 1,2,3 and the start of 4 (through Storm Front, Part 2 and minor for "The Forge")
Email: Mareel@livejournal.com
Notes: My thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kipli and [livejournal.com profile] kayjayuu who helped in so many ways, including beta reading this essay, but that doesn't begin to cover the discussions I've had with each of them. And my appreciation to all those who have explored the A/R relationship in any form... fiction, videos, art, role-play or just appreciative reading.

A word about this essay. This is a highly personal view. I'm not going to try to point out every significant moment shared between the two of them in nearly three and a half years of canon. I am going to try to give a flavor of that, and will recommend some music videos and screencaps that show the relationship better than my words ever could. I also want to trace some of the recurring themes associated with this relationship through the canon seasons and into the Archer/Reed fanfiction.

Jonathan Archer/Malcolm Reed )
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Curiously logical

A shipper manifesto for T'Pol/Mayweather from Star Trek: Enterprise

Author's notes: Thanks very much to [livejournal.com profile] susan217 for the beta.

Could a Vulcan and Space Boomer fall in love? )
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Pairing: Lieutenant Malcolm Reed/Major J. Hayes
Fandom: Enterprise
Author: Gigi Sinclair
Email: gigitrek@gmail.com
Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ane and Rusty Armour for input and canon information.
Spoilers: All of Season Three

The Manifesto )
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Title: Stand, Speak, Man, Woman--Or How To Find A 'Ship From Waaay Between the Lines.
Characters: Reed/Sato of Star Trek: Enterprise
Author: Stexgirl2000
Spoilers: All of seasons 1,2,3 and the start of 4
Email: Stexgirl2000@yahoo.com
Notes: Thanks to all the folks over at Linguistics Database, the Hoshi fan's haven for fanfic and it's owner/web-goddess Judy and to Shi Shi 2525 who took a gander at this before I put it here.

Part One: Confessions of Reed/Sato 'Shipper: Hot Man + Hot Woman + Not A Whole Lot Of Canon Characterization = Well... How About A Great Opportunity For Fanfic? )

Part Two: Why I Ship Them or... Canon? Canon? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Canon! Don't They Look Pretty Together? Aren't They Marvelously Fucked Up? )

That being said, if you're intrigued by my assertions, but not convinced, I have some story recommendations that I hope will convince you that Reed/Sato is good 'ship, a rockin' 'ship, a het 'ship that makes sense in the Enterprise universe. A 'ship that is fun.

Now on to Recommendations! Or: A Guide Through The Best Reed/Sato Angst, Humor and Porn. )


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