Date: 2011-06-03 12:20 am (UTC)
I love essays that don't just try to force their headcanon on others. You actually sound down to earth and use facts to show why you love what you love.

Sheik has always been male to me for the same reasons you mentioned in your essay on deviantart, which also had great observations that I didn't notice like Zelda and Sheik having different reactions towards danger. And I also saw Super Smash Brothers Sheik as female for also the same reasons you talked about in the comments.

But as to his own identity, I could go either way with him being a separate entity entirely or an alternative ego of Zelda's, who is still quite separate but originated from Zelda. That does make me wonder if Sheik is a different person entirely, how did he develop like he did? Maybe in the beginning he was like a newborn baby, not in terms of him actually being like a baby. But in terms of him having to learn everything yet he still has some innate personality traits, talents, etc. That would be a fascinating read.

Either way Sheik is an awesomely cool character. I love that you got so much material out of just observation. Having Link not talk makes interpreting him more difficult, but on the other hand that means the game producers, artists, etc have to work harder to show how he is through actions, facial expressions, and through other people.

Bottom line: This is a good essay, full of passion for what you are talking about yet you use logic to explain why.
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