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Together Forever - Zero/X Megaman X/Megaman Zero Manifesto

Title: Together Forever - Zero/X
Author: Irihi Bloodwind
Fandom: Megaman X & Megaman Zero
Pairing: Zero/X
Spoilers: All MMX and MMZ games.
Notes: No images, not that savvy with LJ'ing ; ;

Anyone who's played the Megaman X / Rockman X and it's 'sequel', Megaman Zero / Rockman Zero know well who these two are, but here is a brief overview. Please understand this is written with the knowledge the reader has played the games, therefore, there are spoilers.

Megaman X, shortened to simply 'X', is an advanced android created long ago by the infamous and brilliant Dr. Light. X is the first man-made creation to actually possess the power to think for himself and to emotionally feel on his own, completely independent of human interference. Within X lies limitless potential, something he himself doesn't understand. That potential can be used for good or evil, and X was sealed by Dr. Light to undergo vigorous tests to ensure that potential was used for good as he intended.

X can be classified as the reluctant warrior, a fighter who wishes for nothing but to finally put his arms down and be at peace with the world. He desires nothing more than a world where his kind, the Reploids, can finally join hand-in-hand with their human creators as they were meant to. Yet when something threatens that ideal, X takes to arms, even if it's his last wish to do so. He isn't afraid to protect his dream, and despite all the hell he goes through, X maintains that desire for peace and determination to see it through. He is warm, helpful, a humble savior who just wants to extend his hand to those who need it.

Zero could also be considered a reluctant warrior, except his reluctance is rarely shown. Instead, he is a Reploid of action; where X will try to use peaceful tactics first, Zero sees no reason to negotiate with an enemy and has no moral problem with cutting down those he deems unsalvageable.

This is not to say Zero is heartless--far from it. When he thinks there's a hope he will do what he can to preserve it, and when he is uncertain he will hesitate. The classic scenario would be during the events of Megaman X4, when he battles Colonel and Iris. He knows they are wrong, and beseeches them... but he hardens himself to do what must be done and stops them at the cost of his own feelings.

It's never quite stated outright, but Zero was created by Dr. Wily, Dr. Light's archrival in robotics genius. Truth be told, Zero was meant to be Dr. Wily's last attempt at world domination, and if Zero were not sealed, perhaps he would have succeeded. Zero is disgustingly powerful, much like X, but once freed of the mind-dominating Maverick Virus he chose to use that power to protect instead of destroy.

Many people would assume like most games, the lead males would become romantically involved with the lead females. Unfortunately, in the ways of MMX, there are no true lead females until Alia. Iris lasted only a single game, and her relationship with Zero was severely undefined. Many will claim his scenes with her showed obvious love--on the other hand, Zero does not have many friends and those he deems such are so cherished by him. Iris and Colonel were good friends of Zero's, and to be the one to kill them would drive anyone to the rage and sadness Zero went to. His memory of her in X5 is still an undefined point, for to Zero, Iris was an innocent of a conflict he wished she did not involve herself in. An innocent he could not save.

As for X and Alia, their roles to each other are typically professional. Much like the Zero+Iris, Alia is the one to show the most possible 'love' for X. Unfortunately, X seems complete oblivious, and in some ways, uncaring to know of such.

As the cast of MMX changes constantly and many characters are unfortunately killed, shipping is hard to do. But there is one pairing that does shine above the rest, and that is X and Zero themselves.

Zero and X are best friends, this is canonically stated several times throughout the games. Zero himself says at the end of Megaman Zero, "We were always the best of partners..."

The truth was, they were. Zero and X were the dynamic duo, brothers-in-arms, always together and rarely apart. There was nothing Zero wouldn't do for X and vice versa. In fact, in the very first X game, Zero sacrificed himself to save X. Naturally, many people would do this for their best friend, and Zero made the choice with no hesitation. X was the hope, he knew, and X was important to him, he was going to save him no matter what.

The re-made version of X1 made this scene that much more emotional, and following X's burst of anger at Sigma, more so. X had remained rather calm throughout the ordeal, and only after the loss of his most important person did X finally lose that patience he was so well known for.

What leads to these two possibly being romantically involved (or if never involved, the feelings were there) is what many non-yaoi fans would deem brotherly/friendly affection only. However, there are various interactions and speech from either of them that indicates more.

X2 brought us the chance to reclaim Zero's parts. Although it was risky, and an obvious trap, X went through hell to get those parts at just the slim hope he can rebuild Zero. Sigma wanted nothing more than to pit the two against each other, and depending on player choice, it happened. But X did not slay Zero; he merely fought him until Zero regained his mind.

What this piece shows is that Zero is X's 'wild trigger,' so to speak. Not including Maverick Hunter X's rendition of Zero's death, this would be the first time we see X actually do something almost irrational. The trap was obvious, the risks were great and X knew this. X isn't a naive idiot as some fanfic writers sometimes make him--he's a calculating, sharp-witted warrior. And yet all that gets thrown to the dump at the slim hope, not even hard evidence, that he could get Zero back.

Our duo return to work together in X3. After X's abduction, Zero immediately sets off to rescue him. Once again this can be seen as merely friendship, but this immediate 'must find X' mindset of Zero's is shown not just in X3, but many games to come. Aside from the usual comrade dialogue and actions, I admit X3 doesn't quite have the evidence of other games, although Zero and X do interact much more often than previous games (minus MHX).

X4 brought us Iris to Zero's story. Unfortunately, even I will admit the Zero portion of X4's plot brings little to the table for this pairing. X's isn't that much better, although his ending does include Zero. Their conversation is brief, but does show quite a lot within it. X gives to Zero the duty he would give only to person he trusted the most, the duty to put down X should he go Maverick. Zero is affronted and refuses to verbally accept this request, going so far as to terminate the conversation forcefully. Zero's reluctance and horror of such a request is shown by his words and actions: he would rather die again than to do such a thing to X.

X5 is the pinnacle of this pairing's evidence. This game's plot tested their endurance, physical and emotional strength, and their very bond. Regardless of how the player goes about the game, Zero meets his untimely demise after a terrible battle against X, of which in any scenario were born from, at the root of it all, care for each other. X worried about Zero's condition, and would do anything to put Zero safely back into HQ; Zero worried the same of X. However, their brash stubbornness led to a battle, of which Zero did not walk from.

If the player ended up with a Maverick Zero, X's dialogue further enforces their deep bond. He knows the true Zero is nothing like this, and will do anything to bring him back. Unlike other Mavericks he had known once, X truly does restrain himself so that he did not kill Zero. Where is the evidence in this action? Despite knowing almost all the previous Mavericks, X nonetheless destroyed them effortlessly. X is a soldier, peace-loving or not, and he will destroy his enemies. Except for this one: out of all the Mavericks he faced, X cannot bring himself to kill Zero.

An excerpt from the end of the Maverick Zero battle:

"X: ......... ... I'm... losing my strength... and... ... energy... I... can't... see any... thing... ... Ze... Zero... Don't... leave... Please... stand... by... me... ... I'll... protect... you... Zero... "

And even before all of that is X's outburst when Zero pilots the shuttle to destroy the colonel. Right to the face of his fellow Hunters, whom are supposed to be his comrades as well, X himself declares Zero not just his best friend, his ONLY friend. Once more we see how Zero is X's 'wild trigger'; he loses his cool at his superior office about him, uncharacteristically demanding they wait for Zero, that he can't leave him to die.

Others parts of the game include Sigma's taunts at X.

"Sigma: Gha ha ha ha ha...! Isn't it painful to have to watch while others suffer? You can put up with your own pain......but can't bear to see others, especially Zero, harmed, can you? I'm taking Zero, the one most important to you... to the underworld! Goodbye, X... Gha ha ha ha!"

Spoken aloud by a character, it is canonically established Zero is the most important person to X. Above everyone else, it is Zero that X cherishes.

Zero can be taken to the final Sigma fight as well, depending on player choices. To an extent, Sigma also implies the same thing in his taunt to Zero, who reacts appropriately.

"Sigma: Gha ha ha ha ha! X seems to be somewhere close... The three of us can die together... You won't feel lonely if X is with you...

Zero: No! Leave X out of this! "

Multiple endings, almost all of them implying the pair's bond, exist within this game. From one ending, we have this:

"X: I can face any enemy now... I will feel this way... as long as I have this Saber... I'll do it today, Zero... with you...! Forever... We'll be together... Zero... "

(To interject some silly, perhaps immature humor, whoever doesn't see that as romantic is just blind. I'm sorry.)

X6 is all about X clearing Zero's name and redeeming his memory. In this game we see X tunnel-vision quite a bit, in that Alia and Signas must keep X in check when Zero is publicly trashed. X's entire mission, at the core of it, is to keep Zero's name and memory pure. He is easily agitated by the villains’' attempts to slander Zero. When Zero and X are reunited, X's happiness (bad translations or not) is painfully obvious. In any of the games, never did X seem to relieved or happy than to finally reunite with Zero.

"X: Yes. We will join hands... And never let anyone sever us again! Let's go, Zero!"

Even without regaining Zero, X is keen to his presence. Although he does not see him, X knows Zero was there after Gate's defeat. His disappointment at not finding Zero is obvious, and although throughout the game Alia seems to try and reach out to X, he refuses her, focusing only on Zero til the very end.

I admit I have nothing on X7 because I despise the game and couldn't play past the first hour of it.

I will also admit X8 doesn't have as much evidence as say, X5. However, X's explanation of Zero's behavior shows insight at their closeness, that X knows immediately what Zero's problem is, and quietly informs Layer so that she may understand.

Thanks to Lady Midnight for: There are the few times Zero and X speak where their closeness is indicated by how they speak to each other. X's quieter tone when he asks how Zero is doing, Zero's more robust greeting, are small but possible indications.

The biggest indicator of X8 for this pair is Zero's special ending.

"Zero: [leaning against the wall of the elevator] If what Lumine said was right, then Sigma won't be coming back. [opens his eyes, smiles, and looks directly at X] Maybe this means I won't have to fight anymore..."

Throughout the series Zero begins to build a devotion to X and his ideals. This devotion becomes much more paramount and shown more explicitly in the Megaman Zero series, which I will also cover.

Also, before moving to the next series, I know a lot of people don't like to think of the RPG, Megaman X: Command Mission as canon. But it's still a published Capcom game set in the universe of MM/RM.

However, someone else did a (although fangirly) quick recap of the first half of the game's evidence of slashiness. You can read it here:

And yes, that's only the first half.

Thanks to Laryna6 for: "From Xtreme 2 - "After the battle, Zero assisted in releasing the DNA Souls. Now the Reploids would return to normal. He has no doubt that X has finished his mission now. Zero and X have faced and fought through many difficulties together. As long as X is with him, Zero can do anything. Though he doesn't express it, Zero believes this with all his heart. This is something that will never change." "

I never played the Xtreme games, so it's nice to know there even more games that could have evidence!

For now, we'll move on to the Megaman Zero universe. The basic set up of this series is that it's set 100 years after the end of the X-series, and after a bloody four-year war known as the Elf Wars.

Through the series and, with some help from drama tracks, the basic jist is that Zero gave himself to science after the Maverick Wars, where they were finally able to crack the code to the virus and create the perfect anti-virus. This anti-virus became the first Cyber Elf, and was dubbed 'Mother Elf.' With Mother Elf, the world and moon was purged of both Sigma and Zero Viruses, and peace came to be.

However, at some point, an evil man named Dr. Weil stole Zero's original body and the Mother Elf. Zero's consciousness and soul was placed in a copy body, and Dr. Weil fashioned a new AI for the original body and renamed it Omega. With Omega and Mother Elf, who was cursed into Dark Elf, the Elf Wars began. Omega wiped out about 95% of the world before he was finally defeated and exiled into space; Dr. Weil was also placed in an immortal body to forever suffer for his crimes and exiled, and Dark Elf was imprisoned.

Zero placed himself back into stasis to avoid another conflict. Although not shown in the games themselves, the drama tracks from the Remastered Tracks: TELOS show the emotional goodbyes between Zero and X.

"X: Zero!

ZERO: X...?

X: [shaky breath] Are you okay with this? How can they do this to you after how much you fought for everyone?

ZERO: As long as I exist...history will continue to be stained with blood...

X: No... Zero, what are you saying?!

ZERO: I've always wondered... for what purpose... for who's sake... must we Reploids slaughter one another... But even then... you continued to believe in the humans... I trust in you as my friend... That's why, I want to trust the words of the humans... you believe in...

[A siren goes off.]

X: [panicking] Stop! Stop the sealing right now!

ZERO: It's okay, X.. It's already...half...

[ZERO drifts off.]"

Although yes, it's clearly stated in any translation you find, Zero refers to X as his friend. However, out of all the friends he had, X is the one who Zero adopts his ideals and beliefs. It's X's dream Zero desires so to protect, and will place himself in eternal purgatory to do it. Not just die... but drift endlessly in the in between. X himself begs Zero not to do it, beside himself with grief. This is evidence in his voice, quite clearly.

We move to Z1, which opens 100 years later with Dr. Ciel on the run. She finds Zero and, with the help of a Cyber Elf, resurrects him. Zero wordlessly and, rather stoically, immediately falls into combat and leads Ciel out of the lab. They eventually run to a dead end, where Ciel walks to a caved-in area. As she mumbles, Zero hears something and warns her, but it's too late. A golem snatches her, and Zero tries to save her, but he only has a buster. It does nothing.

A mysterious voice comes from a nearby computer, who speaks to Zero as if it knows him well. In fact, it forces the computer to give Zero something rather personal--Zero's very own Z-Saber. With it, he cuts down the golem in one strike, but the voice is gone. Zero, who now has complete amnesia to the point he doesn't know his own name, is helpless but to follow Ciel. At the Base, she explains what's going on: The legendary X is carelessly destroying Reploids.

At this point, Zero stops her, muttering how the name X founds familiar. When Ciel affirms X and his destructive ways, Zero again mutters, rather disbelievingly of what Ciel says. However, he honestly has no choice but to agree to help. He has no memory of who he is... the only thing that is familiar to him now is this 'X.'

As the game goes on Zero does missions for Ciel to rescue Reploids, stop the enemy, and defend the base. Before he goes off to face this tyrant, a Cyber Elf visits him... the mysterious voice from before, who is able to grant them access to Neo Arcadia's most secured areas. He leaves with a simple request, "Destroy that copy of me."

Everyone is shocked, for they realize that was the true X. Zero is shocked; and then X is gone.

Zero goes to Neo Arcadia, fighting through the Guardians and their soldiers, and soon learns the truth: the 'X' is a copy Ciel herself created that went mad. Zero is affronted by this, and when he faces off with Copy X, firmly states that he is no hero. That X is the true hero, the true leader, the one who could bring rightful justice. He is annoyed by Copy X's slander of X.

There is both ingame and drama track dialogue between the two, but the same message is presented: Zero is not impressed with Copy X, and although he lost his memory, he clearly remembers X was stronger, in every way, then Copy.

After Copy X's destruction and Zero's narrowing escape, Zero is laying in the desert, dangling between consciousness. X returns, and we finally see his ethereal form; here, he speaks to Zero. After his request, he disappears, and Zero awakens. He heard X's request clearly, judging by his response.

"X: Since you disappeared I've been fighting this war alone against an uncountable number of Mavericks for nearly a hundred years... Battle after battle... So painful and so sad... But the hardest part was when I discovered that I no longer cared about fighting enemies...
I'll leave this world to you... Please allow me... to rest in peace... for a while... ......... I'm sorry, Zero...

[X vanishes. Zero awakens and gets up]

Zero: So be it... But that's why we are the best partners... I'll do what you want... Rest for a while. I will handle it, you can count on me. I won't stop! When an enemy appears... I'll terminate it..."

Z2 shows us Zero trekking across a desert in obvious disrepair, but he continues to fight. It's been a year since the fall of Copy X and he never returned to the Resistance Base. After fighting through hordes of enemies, Zero eventually collapses, where Harpuia finds him. Taking no pleasure in slaying a downed enemy, Harpuia brings Zero to the new Resistance Base, where he meets the new commander, Elpizo. After introductions, Elpizo asks for Zero's help.

Zero heads to a forest to rescue some Resistance members. After doing so, he is visited by none other than X. He is shocked, perhaps pleasantly so. When X begins to speak of ominous things to come, Zero seems agitated, wanting X to get to the point.

Here we pause for fan interpretation. Because the Zero series relies on dialogue to get anything across (sprites show very little emotion, you know), and it is not voiced, we must 'imagine' the tone the dialogue is spoken in. Many would imagine Zero's 'What's your point, X' to be said briskly with impatience. Perhaps he is, and perhaps he's also annoyed that X would not take a moment to be pleasant. Instead it must be work.

Zero shows very little emotion to anyone. When he speaks to others, it's often stoic, vague, or just generally 'uncaring' answers. The few times he shows more are with X, or only when Ciel needs to be 'reassured.' Zero showing annoyance around X, despite having lost his memories, shows he is comfortable with showing more than the usual professionalism around X.

Moving on, Zero continues missions for Elpizo until Operation Righteous Strike, which fails. After saving Elpizo and the Base, the commander bails and the hunt for him is on. Zero tries to find him, but is always a step behind. Eventually it's revealed Elpizo has gone mad (partly due to the Baby Elves, the clones of the Dark Elf) and now he seeks to reclaim the Dark Elf.

During one of the missions, we find Elpizo using the Baby Elves to restrain X. Zero intervenes, and Elpizo escapes. Zero and X have an exchange.

"X: ... ... ... Sorry, Zero... I didn't expect them to have become that strong...

Zero: X...

X: As long as I'm protecting the seal of the main body, I'm not ready to deal with them...

Zero: Don't worry... I'll handle it..."

Once more we must use fan interpretation to 'figure out' the tones used. X is obviously sorrowful and apologetic, feeling 'useless' in his current state. Zero's intonation of his name could be said in a worried, forgiving or a mix of both manner, perhaps even relief that X is seemingly all right.

What is important to notice here is Zero's uncertainty and hesitation. Zero has shown uncertainty before, but it was a 'firm' sort, a sort of 'I don't know but so what' sort of tone. This, however, is much deeper than that. Zero is openly expressing to X what he hopes is confidence, but unlike before, that confidence is weak. Zero openly shows his weakness, despite trying to appear strong for X, and around no other does he show such.

A few more failed attempts at getting to Elpizo, and soon Zero must chase him down to Neo Arcadia itself. There, X reappears to give Zero the location, and we've yet another exchange.

"X: I'm sorry... My voice couldn't seem to draw off his attention... But she... ... They call her a Dark Elf. She is not fully awake yet... With my remaining power, I'm still trying to not wake her up... please, Zero... Come to Neo Arcadia... And please stop him... Zero...

[Exit X]

Zero: Ciel. Trans me now.

Ciel: We can't transfer you directly to the core of Neo Arcadia... ... ... ... But if you go, we can transfer you to somewhere around the main entrance... Though it's very dangerous... But... Zero!

Zero: Don't worry... I'm sure... I can work it out."

Here we do have Zero showing that shaken confidence, this time around Ciel. But it's a sort of 'vague' feeling, as if he isn't aware he's really hearing her or she's even there still. He's worried, immensely so, for X, and is shaken by the obvious urgency X has presented. X is in direct danger, and Zero is finding himself on a race of time. For once he isn't sure if he can save someone, and in that numbing mindset, he tunnel-visions.

After the usual 'boss rush', Zero comes face to face with Elpizo... and they have found X's body. As Elpizo gloats, Zero becomes angry, swearing he won't allow Elpizo to harm X. Unfortunately, Elpizo snares Zero, and destroys X's body.

We are given a still-image cut scene of Zero's completely enraged, and horrified, expression. After X's body explodes, the seal is broken, and Elpizo merges with the Dark Elf. Free of his bonds, Zero says nothing more, now hell-bent on destroying Elpizo for what he had done.

When, after the battle, Dark Elf saves Elpizo, Zero hardly cares. He doesn't respond to Elpizo's words, doesn't react to anything until Dark Elf muttering his name snaps him out of his anger hazed. Confused by the situation, and unable to figure out how to handle what has transpired, Zero can only focus on Dark Elf. Even when X's spirit speaks to him, Zero once more has that 'vague' feeling about him. He doesn't know what to do, what to think, so he can only tunnel-vision.

Z3 is two months ahead. Zero escorts Ciel and some Resistance members through a snowy trail. Here, we find Zero has more of 'his own' personality now, instead of a stoic Reploid. As Ciel and the others talk, he snaps at them all, angered by their chatter. They come across what appears to be a ship, and Zero moves on alone.

After the initial mission, which reveals Dr. Weil, Omega, and a new Copy X, we cut to Resistance Base. Zero and Ciel briefly speak, of which Zero (by the way of his dialogue, there's a feeling of sarcasm in it) suggests they begin to search for the Dark Elf themselves.

We don't see X again until Zero once more faces off with Copy X, whose body was rigged by Dr. Weil to explode. After Copy X dies and Weil takes control of Neo Arcadia, Zero asks X for his help, who says he will do what he can. This exchange has that professional air, for Zero feels he's on a time crunch, but he does pause when X mentions Omega and 'the heart matters.' He's confused, but he doesn't linger on it.

After some more missions, Weil manages to mind control the Reploids of the Resistance. X intervenes, rescuing them and resulting in the exchange below.

"X: It's okay. They're just unconscious. All I did was disable the power of the Dark Elf. But my current power can only protect those at this base.

Zero: Took you long enough, X. Where's Weil?"

We have to do more fan interpretation (there's a lot of that isn't there? Then again, you have to do it for every couple you plan to ship!) Zero may be sounding impatient with X, but there isn't any sarcasm or even a sort of 'negative' sort of emotion like when he sometimes speaks to Ciel. "Took you long enough" is an expression easily said in a teasing manner... a manner Zero only has shown to X. This once more expresses Zero's comfort around X, and if the situation were different, it's rather easy to believe Zero could be smiling a bit as he says it.

Zero follows X's directions and finds and does battle with Omega. He learns the truth, that Omega is his original body, and they once more fight. When both are down to their last stand, the Dark Elf attempts to heal Omega and keeps Zero back. Thanks to the Guardians and X coming to the scene, Zero is able to get on his feet to finish Omega himself. Before he does, X says:

"X: The defeated Omega is using your original body. That's all... Your current body may be a copy... But your heart is the real thing. You can do it. You know what's truly important. Go on, Zero!"

X assures Zero of his identity, regardless of the body. With this reminder, with X's strength and support, Zero strikes down his original body with no hesitation. Omega's body explodes, and X expands the rest of his energy, as well as Mother Elf's help, to get him to safety.

As Zero lies unconscious, X beseeches Zero to do what he failed to do: bring peace to the world and reunite the Reploids and humans. It's debatable if Zero hears him or not, for once X is gone (and is now 'dead' completely) he awakens, a bit disoriented. Ciel speaks to him, and when she repeats what X says, Zero thanks her for the reminder.

People can argue he thanks her for believing in him, but she merely says what X already said. This exchange can be taken either way.

Z4 is going to go by quick, because I've made this long enough. The two biggest scenes after the fights on Ragnarok vs. Craft and Weil. Versus Craft, Zero says to him on why he suffers the narrow-mindedness of humans,

"Zero: I made a promise to a friend I intend to keep. To someone who believed harmony between human and Reploid as possible. I trust that friend. And I trust the humans that friend trusts..."

What does this say? Zero doesn't fight for Ciel. He doesn't fight for the Resistance. He fights for X's ideals and beliefs, his devotion to X from the X-series now returning. He has again become the sword to clear the path for X's dream.

At the end of the game, we have Zero's infamous speech here,

"Zero: I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!

Ciel... Believe in me!"

Again we see Zero doesn't fight just for Ciel or any faction. What he fights for is the beliefs, the people with those beliefs. The beliefs Ciel and the others other are the exact same X has--after a hundred years, finally, X's ideals have passed on. Zero fights to keep those ideals alive.

I kept the last part to also point out something else many anti-yaoi people will say. Zero's last words to Ciel aren't something of a romantic gesture. As X did with Zero, so will Zero do to Ciel--he passes the torch to her. X carried the torch of fighting for the ideals of peace, passed it to Zero, who carried it the same. And now, knowing his end has come, Zero passes that torch to Ciel. "Believe in me", as in, "Believe in what I fought for, what I will die for."

As an overall point, I want to bring back the fact of Zero's amnesia. The entire Zero series, 98% of Zero's memories regained had to do with X. Out of all the things and people of his past, Zero's most important and cherished are related to X, even after X passed on.

This essay could easily be used as a 'they are friends only' argument, but there is an obvious deep (and almost obsessive) bond between the two. Even if one wishes to deny romantic involvement, Zero and X are soul mates, intertwined together in ways that cannot be denied, regardless of the wishes of the fandom.

I hope I brought some decent evidence to this pairing, that's credible and easily seen. But as I will say with all pairings, and this one is no exception, it's all in the fan interpretation.

*Except Giro/Aile of MM:ZX. I think it's outright stated they were in love.

Fanfiction / Fanart Guide

Not to toot my own horn, but I have a fair amount of decently written Zero/X fanfiction spanning both game universes. You can find them all at

Sanakudou (Elise) also has a plethora of art and writing at her website,

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For other Japanese artists, you can try to navigate Try inputting " ロックマン" in the search field for all Megaman results, there's a fair number of Zero/X with just a little looking. of course has many great fics, including Ctrl Alt Del Reset by Muselet; many fics written by Laryna6, Mystery Muse, and Necchan. There are many others in there that are well worth the read.