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Title: No Place Like Home
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Pairing: Tibarn/Reyson
Spoilers: Most things concerning Tibarn and Reyson in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
Word Count: 3000 +
Notes: How sad, this is the first Fire Emblem manifesto on here. I think I'll write more ~~~

Some conversations will be called (17) or (3-11). Those with only one number are from chapters of Path of Radiance, while those with two numbers refer to “Part 3, chapter 11” (for example) from Radiant Dawn).


Tellius, the world of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

Laguz, often referred to as “sub-humans” by beorc as an insult are a race able to transform to animals. There are three kinds of animals; beasts (cats, tigers, lions), dragons (black, red, white) and birds (hawks, ravens, herons). They live considerably longer than beorc and possess either whisker and tail, facial markings or wings.

Beorc, sometimes referred to as “humans” by laguz as an insult are a race wielding weapons or tomes to cast magic spells. The beorc has for long repressed the laguz and kept them as slaves, and are close to humans of Earth.

Begnion is the largest nation on Tellius, ruled by the senate and the empress apostle. It’s a beorc country.

Daein is the nation that in Path of Radiance starts the war. A beorc country.

Phoenicis is the home of the hawk tribe.

Kilvas is the home of the raven tribe.

Serenes used to be the home for the herons, but it was burnt to the ground as the herons were wiped out by Begnion 20 years before Path of Radiance begins.

The King of the Sky – Tibarn

Like his title states, Tibarn is a king. The king of the laguz nation Phoenicis, home of the hawks, to be precise. Since the laguz choose their king based on strength, Tibarn is extremely respected by his people and is extremely strong. The hawks value pride very highly, and thus Tibarn is very prideful unlike his cousins; the devious ravens and their tricky king Naesala.

Tibarn is a good king who is very protective of the only surviving herons whom he has protected for the last 20 years. The bird laguz as a whole are referred to as “shipless pirates” but Tibarn only attacks Begnion ships as he hates them for the Serenes Massacre. He’s blunt and brusque, but wise too.

The White Prince – Reyson

Reyson is firstly introduced as the only surviving heron, save for his bedridden father. He’s under the protection of Tibarn whom he admires greatly and is extremely grateful to. Herons are unable to fight, something that angers Reyson who in the beginning is very hateful ever since his home was destroyed. He says he lets Tibarn acts in his stead seeing they feel the same way.

Despite Reyson’s extreme hate to beorc (in the beginning) he is very polite and likes to help as much as he can when he feels indebted to someone. He is also very stubborn and apparently an excellent politician. Interestingly since Tibarn always frets over Reyson, Tibarn apparently accuses Reyson of being a worrier.

Like all herons, especially the royal ones, Reyson is extremely beautiful in a rather effeminate way.

Path of Radiance

Reyson and Tibarn are both introduced (together) in the meeting of laguz royalty. The laguz kings discuss the beorc countries’ ongoing wars and one things lead to another; Naesala, Reyson’s childhood friend and Tibarn’s enemy on many stages teases Tibarn. When the meeting is over, Reyson travels to the raven nation Kilvas where he scolds Naesala for provoking Tibarn.

Naesala is disappointed that was the only reason Reyson travelled to him, and later fools Reyson by regaining his trust and then selling him as a piece of art to a beorc; a senator from Begnion. In other words; someone who more than anyone else Reyson can direct his hate to.

When the main character of the games, Ike, saves Reyson he’s far from grateful. He hates beorc through and through, and leaves to his deserted home Serenes.

The senator sets of to search for him; as does Ike and his team. At the same time Tibarn gets to hear the news of what has happened and is extremely furious with Naesala. The latter’s servant begs Tibarn to save Reyson, but Tibarn replies that “[he] would save Reyson in any case”. Before heading away he states that “If anything happens to Reyson, blood will be spilled.”

When Reyson notices that beorc has once again invaded his home he decides to use a forbidden technique of his people that will completely wipe out the humans in the forest. Just as he’s about to kill them Tibarn shows up.


Reyson: Avoiding those human scum cost me time… but I’ve almost made it to the altar.

Tibarn: Reyson! Are you well?

Reyson: Tibarn! How did you-

Tibarn: Nealuchi told us everything.

Reyson: Oh… Allow me to apologize. I left on my own without a word to you, and this is what happened.

Tibarn: As long as you’re unharmed, all is well. Let’s go home.

Reyson: Please, give me a little time. I cannot allow these humans to remain in the forest.

Tibarn: I understand how you feel, but we’re completely outnumbered. Let us wait for another day-

Reyson: Once I stand at the altar, I can take care of them. Every one of them.

Tibarn: You can’t mean… Are you thinking of using the forbidden magic?

Reyson: … Yes. I will sing those monsters the dirge of ruin.

Tibarn: Are you mad?! You mustn’t! I can’t allow it!

Reyson: With permission or without, I do what I must! It is retribution for genocide! Retribution for this forest!

Tibarn: Reyson! You must not let yourself be ruled by despair! Each member of the heron tribe is an embodiment of balance! Do this, and you warp your very existence!

Reyson: That’s what they all said… My family. My tribe. And then… they died. The humans were drunk with joy. They laughed! They sang! … And then they slaughtered us like livestock. My mother, my brother, my elder sisters… Even my infant sister, Leanne! All killed in a single night.

Tibarn: Reyson…

Reyson: I know. This thing I intend to do brings dishonor to my house. And yet… I cannot forgive. And their past actions weren’t enough; now, they violate the sanctity of the forest without a trace of regret! Accursed humans… I will never forgive them!

Tibarn: Don’t you think we understand that?

Reyson: …

Janaff: That’s right! Prince Reyson, there’s no need for you to reject your honor based on the likes of them!

Ulki: The tragedy of the herons… The horror and pain of that night… lives on in all of us.

Tibarn: Let’s return to Phoenicis, and think of a plan. You are right. This will not stand. The full power of the hawk nation is behind you. The humans will pay.

Reyson: … As you wish…

(Janaff and Ulki are Tibarn’s very good friends, and serves as Reyson’s lifeguards)

When turning to leave, the four birds come across the fight between the senator and Ike’s team. On Ike’s shoulder he carries another heron, whom Reyson recognizes as his baby sister Leanne. The forest protected her, so they aid Ike to save her.

After the battle is over, they meet with the current Begnion empress who attempts to apologize for her people to Reyson and Leanne. Reyson is at first unable to, but Leanne begs him to let go of his hate. Reyson finally does.

In the next battle, Reyson wishes to join in. Tibarn doesn’t want to, but since Reyson if very persistent he lets Reyson in if he wants to, along with Ulki and Janaff to protect him. Himself he takes Leanne back to Phoenicis to meet her father and to protect her.

In another battle, Reyson faces Naesala who’s on the enemy side. He panics when he hears that Reyson’s on the battlefield, and half-apologize while trying to pursue Reyson into leaving the battle. Reyson refuses, but upon telling about Leanne being alive is able to convince Naesala to leave instead.

After the battle all is good and well until Tibarn is tricked and Leanne is kidnapped. Instead of acting like when Reyson was taken by enemy (“If anything happens to Reyson blood will be spilled) Tibarn just worries what Reyson will think of him. Tibarn travels to the army and is overthrown with guilt, apologizing again and again to Reyson. Reyson assures him that he doesn’t blame Tibarn for it, but Tibarn believes that he still does.


Ike: Are you leaving now?

Tibarn: Yep. We're going to do some reconnaissance and tease those Daeins a bit.

Ike: Good luck.

Tibarn: Pah! You don't need luck when you're as tough as me!

Reyson: Tibarn, about--

Tibarn: Reyson, no. I truly am sorry. Leanne's kidnapping is completely my fault.

Reyson: It's not your fault. Please don't apologize. I know Leanne is alive. These battlefields are filled with chaotic energy, but I can still sense her... It's faint, but I know it's Leanne.

Tibarn: Which is all the more reason for us to hurry. There may be other ways to finish this, but crushing Daein is the surest.

Reyson: Agreed.

Ike: Reyson, is this mysterious power that you use to sense Leanne something only herons possess?

Tibarn: It's not something any of the hawk clans have! That's a certainty!

Reyson: That's not true, Tibarn. The power may differ in potency between us, but all laguz possess it to some degree.

Tibarn: Ah, so it's just that my sense isn't developed, is that it?

Reyson: The power is distributed like this... Among the bird tribes, it's very strong in the heron clan. Among the beast tribes, I've heard it's most developed in the cat clan, though not as strongly as the herons. As for the dragon tribes... It's said they may be equal to, or even surpass, the strength of the herons.

Ike: Even though I knew that all laguz were not alike, there are even more differences then I'd imagined.

Tibarn: Your eyes should have told you that. Once we change, we don't look alike do we?

Ike: Good point.

Tibarn: Enough pleasantries. It's time for me and my men to take wing.

Ike: Right. See you later then.

Reyson: Tibarn, may the fortunes of war be with you.

Tibarn: And you as well. Don't try anything too dangerous.

(Tibarn leaves)

Reyson: ...

Ike: ...Reyson?

Reyson: My apologies, Ike. Though I knew this was coming... It's still...difficult.

Ike: Don't apologize. You've nothing left to prove to me.

Reyson: ...Ah... ...

Ike: ...

When Daein falls, Reyson and Leanne are to leave Phoenicis and live in Gallia where there is forest.

End Path of Radiance.

Radiant Dawn

Three years after the “Mad Kings War” the new-formed laguz-alliance declares war with Begnion whom they find guilty of the Serenes Massacre, a deed thought to be by the now late Mad King of Daein . The laguz-alliance is of Phoenicis, Kilvas and Gallia, but like someone could predict Kilvas again changes side and stabs the hawks in the back, leading beorc into the country, killing nearly all. Tibarn arrives first at the main laguz-alliance camp. (Note that Ike is with the laguz, seeing he’s a mercenary).


(Ike and Ranulf are discussing the blood on Tibarn’s wings)

Reyson: Ike! Ranulf!

Ike: Reyson! You’re here too?

Janaff: Your Highness! Please wait!

Reyson: I have to check on him. I’m worried about Tibarn.

Ulki: We’re worried too, but Reyson can’t just let him be for a while.

Later they hold a meeting.

Reyson: I also heard what happened, and… I just couldn’t believe it. Naesala has betrayed us once again. I cannot believe he’d play a role in wiping out Phoenicis…

???: Hey, we’re not wiped out yet.

Reyson: Huh?

(Turns around)

Reyson: Tibarn!

Tibarn: I’m alive and well. My people are few, but they still live. Phoenicis is still a country. Janaff, Ulki. You know what we must do.

Janaff: Of course!

Ulki: Yes. Begnion and Kilvas will burn for this.

The war rages on, but the superior Begnion is able to badly wound the general of the laguz-alliance, causing them to flee.

Reyson is unable to participate in some battles, since he’s a heron and easily get sick or exhausted.


Tibarn: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. I had a little thing back at the camp that I had to deal with.

Ike: No problem, Tibarn. What kind of thing? Oh, and hey, where’s Reyson?

Tibarn: He was exhausted, but he insisted on coming with me. I had to tie him down to a bed to keep him there.

Ike: Really?

Tibarn: Nah, I’m just kidding. He passed out earlier.

After a long chase through country and country they finally clash head on, having the newly restored Daein involved as well. The prophecy of the Fire Emblem comes true when there’s a world war, and the Goddess turns everyone to stone save for the main characters; the strongest. They split up into three teams, Reyson and Tibarn being in the same.


Tibarn: Reyson! Where are you!?

Reyson: Over here, Tibarn.

Tibarn: What are you doing so early in the morning?

Reyson: I'm hunting for treasure!

Tibarn: Could you repeat that?

Reyson: I believe it was the goddess Yune. She sent me a message in my sleep. I saw patches of ground that glowed. I went to one of those spots and found this.

Tibarn: A satori sign... Don't see these very often. It's a good find. But blast it, Reyson, why didn't you wake me up?

Reyson: I didn't know what I would find. Besides, you looked so comfortable.

Tibarn: Hm. I didn't even notice you'd snuck out. I can't believe a heron snuck by me...

Reyson: Even heroes need their sleep to keep fighting, Tibarn. Where's the harm in sleeping? I know that you haven't had a good night's rest since the incident in Phoenicis.

Tibarn: Yeah. But you know, there must be something in the air... Despite all that's happened I feel fantastic. It's a perfect day for hunting treasure...and enemies.

Reyson: Excellent.

After the war is finally over Reyson and Tibarn reveal to Ike that they’ve decided to finally unite all of the bird clans.


Ike: Will you be heading back to Gallia first?

Tibarn: We’ll stop by Gallia, then wing straight on to Serenes.

Ike: Serenes? Why there?

Reyson: Empress Sanaki has kept her promise. Serenes will be formally ceded back to us. She said we may return immediately.

Ike: Ah, I see. That’s good to hear.

Tibarn: Sometimes birds change their feathers. The hawks, the herons, even the ravens. We’re thinking we’ll all settle down together.

Reyson: All this time, we’ve sorted ourselves by our ways of thinking and seeing and living. If we can respect each other’s opinions and we learn to compromise, we can learn to live together without strife.

Ike: I don’t think it will be that easy, but it still ought to be simpler than getting beorc and laguz to treat each other decently. You set a good example, Reyson.

Tibarn: All the major issues look like they’ll be handled soon. The only thing we can’t agree on is hunting and eating meat.

Reyson: The forest creatures are off-limits! Needless displays of violence as well. You know we will not budge on that.

Tibarn: Tell me… have you ever heard of a vegetarian hawk? Or a raptor that doesn’t scream victoriously at the skies after a kill?

Ike: Meat, huh? That’s a thorny problem…

And that’s the end of Radiant Dawn. In the ending sequence, it’s revealed that Tibarn was crowned the first king of the new bird alliance and that Reyson serves as a politician.

How I stumbled into the fandom

Okay, there was a day when I searched for songs by Swedish singer Roger Pontare on youtube, when I found a Final Fantasy GMV with one of his songs. It was a great video, and I watched more and more. I never liked Final Fantasy, but only like Nintendo games. But being a fan of the fantasy genre (Zelda is my all time favourite game series) I was very excited about such a game.

The next day I found Radiant Dawn for my Wii. I bought it, and was hooked. I realized that there had to be a game pre-Radiant Dawn as well, but couldn't find it. Searcing the interwebs, I got to hear about Path of Radiance and at the same time tried to find fanfiction. Reyson and Tibarn were two of my favourite characters, and an obvious couple to my fangirlish eyes. So I began reading fanfiction, got a hold of Path of Radiance, fangirled a bit etc etc etc.

The heron and the hawk – Canon?

Reyson and Tibarn are obviously close. As the 4-2 conversation suggests it’s safe to assume they sleep in the same tent. The way Reyson noted he didn’t want to wake Tibarn up since he looked so peaceful is also very couple-like, since even with friends one usually don’t give that as a reason (“I didn’t want to bother you” would be more friendly). Tibarn is able to joke about tying down Reyson to a bed and Ike bought it, meaning it’s obvious there’s something special between the two (or Ike is dumb, whatever works for you).

They also prove in the 4-End conversation that they do possess the ability to argue like a couple.

In the 3-3 conversation Ulki and Janaff, Tibarn’s lifelong friends, note that while they’re worried too Reyson won’t just let him be. This makes it clear that Reyson obviously feels for Tibarn more than his LIFELONG friends do. You can’t argue that it’s obvious since Reyson lived with him for twenty years; Ulki and Janaff have been with Tibarn their whole lives. Also, for someone as polite as Reyson, he completely ignores being asked a question, only worrying about Tibarn.

My personal favourite conversation is 24. When Tibarn takes his leave, Reyson is upset as Ike understands. When Ike says that Reyson has nothing left to prove to him, with Reyson only replying with an “ah…” it’s kind of curious. Was Ike talking about having realized Reyson and Tibarn’s relationship?

A King and a Prince - Would it work?

In Radiant Dawn we are presented the openly lesbian Heather, and since no one ever seems to consider this wrong or anything it’s rather safe to assume homosexuality is not “forbidden love” in the Tellius world. The only forbidden love there is love between beorc and laguz.

While Tibarn is very protective of Reyson to the degree it could be seen as overly protective he is not controlling. He lets Reyson do how he feels even when he objects, the exception being when Reyson didn’t think clearly, and even then he convinced Reyson to see things his way instead of forcing him. They don’t have a dysfunctional relationship, but a rather healthy one where they support each other and care for one another, but not to the point where it becomes an obsession. Simply, they work well as a couple.

Not to mention, since the laguz choose their leader based on strength Tibarn has no obligation to produce an heir. They have no downside, or something that argues against them (though of course you mustn’t agree with my points).


[info]lady_clubs says; "The way Tibarn is so overprotective of Reyson is soooooo cute!"

[info]cyanwitch says; "I like Tibarn/Reyson, it's probably because there's so much potential there. They've been living together for a while, so they're obviously already very comfortable with each other, and their interactions are great. I think that Reyson, at least, holds a lot of respect for Tibarn, even to the point of trying to imitate him, and one of my favorite parts of PoR is Tibarn worrying about Reyson's reaction when Leanne is kidnapped (Though I don't remember exactly, sorry. It's been a while.) I mean, he's Tibarn: king of the hawks, completely badass throughout both games, and he's worried about a heron."

[info]eiko_the_lolita says "There are many hints in both games that shows that they are not only very close, but possibly romantically involved."


Since Tibarn is unavailable as a playable character in Path of Radiance (save the very last chapter) he doesn't have any "support conversations". In Radiant Dawn the supports are mostly just "___ good to see you fighting" or something like that, though some characters get special quotes. Reyson has one for Tibarn in their A-support, which is very shippy; "Tibarn, I...owe you my life. You took me in, made me a part of your family... I owe you so much. No matter what happens in this war, I will stay by your side, be it in body or in spirit."


Like I already stated, the Fire Emblem fandom is sadly very small, and Tibarn x Reyson is not a popular couple for fanfictionwriters it seem. Here are some though;

Beautifully Scarred

Charms (This is onesided Naesala/Reyson, but with canon Tibarn/Reyson)

Coming Home

Fifty Sentences

Innocent Creatures (My personal favourite)


Nest (By yours truly)

Marry Me, He Said (Also by me)

One Morning

Join in

Path of Radiance is hard to get, but you should try to at least get Radiant Dawn. I played RD before I managed to get a copy of PoR, and it's perfectly fine to just play Radiant Dawn. But Fire Emblem is full of great characters and a helluva lot pairing possibilites, be it yaoi, yuri or het. If you think the games sound fun, get them, and please contribute with some juicy Tibarn/Reyson fanfiction. It's a wonderful couple no doubt, and if you like the obvious ships like me then you'll enjoy the games greatly.

Now, write some fanfiction for this, people <3

Date: 2009-11-30 09:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jading.livejournal.com
This was a nice read. Tibarn/Reyson is my FE10 OTP. They are so adorable together. ♥

I need to check out some of the fanfic you linked--thanks! :)

Date: 2009-12-01 01:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mochalatt3.livejournal.com
Great read :) I've never played these games but I'm certainly intrigued.

Date: 2009-12-01 01:29 am (UTC)
ext_69460: (yay)
From: [identity profile] zeffy-amethyst.livejournal.com
They're the old married bird couple. XD

And this is a lovely manifesto.

Date: 2009-12-01 03:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] eiko-the-lolita.livejournal.com
<3 I love it.

Oh I have some fanfiction of them! (Okay maybe just one, but it counts) This one is my fic


Date: 2009-12-01 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] megan-moonlight.livejournal.com
Okay, I have to say I enjoyed this manifesto ^^
I may try to look for this game, actually... *o*

Date: 2009-12-26 08:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] theanonym.livejournal.com
Haha, yay, my fic is on here. :D Great summary of this pairing, it's one of my favorites from PoR. I haven't gotten to play Radiant Dawn yet, so I didn't read the direct quotes from that, but I'm getting it soon. :D Excited for more slashiness (although the generic supports really irritate me...)


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