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Title: All That Love's About
Fandom: WALL-E
Pairing: WALL-E and EVE
Spoilers: The entire movie. While a fandom summary and all that good stuff is included, this is really targeted at folks who have already seen the movie, and I highly recommend you see it before reading this. Not only will it be a lot easier to understand, but it's such a beautiful film that spoiling it by reading this just isn't worth it.
Word Count: c. 7000. Sorry. I spent hours shortening it as much as I could without losing the details or making it uber boring. Geez WEVE. o_o;
Notes: Thanks/Credits/etc are at the end of the essay, but I have to shout out to the mod for being to patient with me. As is, this is almost 2 days late after a lot of extensions and I apologize profusely. Also, Fail Rich Text. I had to recode it all. Now I'm paranoid. ;_;


WALL-E is the 2008 film release of Pixar. WALL-E, a robot who has spent the last 700 years doing nothing but cube up trash to clean out a rather large landfill; Earth. Eventually, WALL-E begins to wonder if there is more to life and, sure enough something, rather someone, soon comes to Earth: a probe bot named EVE. WALL-E is soon in love and an adventure like no other begins.

Animated robots in love; what more can you want? At least, that's how I felt when I saw the trailer. Writing fanfics using theories from trailers with a “WEVE” poster on my wall, I was shipping this before the film even came out, fully expecting Pixar to awe me for the 9th time in a row. Instead, they blew all my expectations out of the water and WEVE turned from “they're so cute!” to one of my favorite ships of all time.

My goal for this manifesto is mainly to show the deepest level of WALL-E and EVE's relationship that I can muster, to flesh it out. I want to help WALL-E fans appreciate the pairing more, as well as bringing some questions and ideas up. Also, I want to debunk some common misconceptions about the couple, a main example being the idea that WALL-E's love for EVE is simply aesthetic.

The name for this comes from one of the tracks on the OST with has an important relation to the couple. This will be brought up in more detail later. And it happens to be the fanlisting's name as well. Score!

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth Class) is a rusted, dented, dirty, boxy robot whose only job is to compact trash in an effort to repair Earth. After 700 years of doing this day in and day out, WALL-E is alone with Hal, his pet cockroach. At some point along the way, all of his fellow WALL-E units became little more than scrap metal for WALL-E to salvage parts from, such as solar panels to charge and a digital recorder that he keeps his favorite song, “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” from Hello! Dolly, programmed into. He listens to it every day as he works and watches the movie (or what he has left of it) ever night. Of course, he was not programmed to. After all these years, WALL-E started to grow a personality. He is resourceful, dedicated, and...

...curious. He stops his work frequently to look at interesting objects in the trash piles. If he finds one he really likes, he keeps it for his strangely categorized collection at his home: a WALL-E unit transportation vehicle that he decked out.

But curiosity isn't the only emotion WALL-E feels; he can be afraid, sad, happy, groggy (WALL-E is not a morning person), and any other emotion you can think of. In fact, he can even be lonely, and he is. WALL-E learned of love's existence from his favorite movie in a scene with a couple singing (“It Only Takes a Moment”) while holding hands. WALL-E wants desperately to feel love for himself, though he barely knows what that even means, considering holding hands as good as a confession.

WALL-E is also very kindhearted. No matter how socially awkward WALL-E is, he is never rude unless somebody fully deserves it (Read: unless somebody hurts EVE) WALL-E is nice to every single living (and sometimes every single moving) thing he meets, probably out of appreciation for meeting something alive at all, not to mention only knowing how people interact as singing and dancing together.

EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is the polar opposite of WALL-E in terms of design; she's sleek, seamless, round, and squeaky clean. Probe #1 is a series of 5 currently in commission on The Axiom, EVE's sole purpose is to scour whatever part of Earth she is put on annually for a confirmation that life is returning to the planet. If she does this, humans can return to Earth and start recolonizing. Whether EVE has been doing this for a few centuries or a few years is unknown, but it's safe to say she is a newer model than WALL-E is, or at the very least one with a lot more money put into her.

When we first meet EVE, she is focused on one thing and one thing only; her job. At least, that is what she wants others to believe, and maybe even what she has deluded herself into thinking. But deep down, EVE has a slowly growing personality as well. While small, EVE has a growing desire for freedom. Most specifically, she enjoys flying. Of course, both a tad insecure and more aware of what's status-quo, this is her little secret. Most of the time, she is very serious, cold, and calculating. That, or angry. Do not mess with EVE.


I could start this story far before that point, but none of that mattered to WALL-E at this point, and none of that matters to this manifesto. WALL-E saw EVE, and as the script says...

It hovers gracefully above the ground.
White. Egg-shaped.

Blue-lit eyes.
Wally is transfixed.
Inches closer.
Watches Eve from behind the device.
Tilts his head.
Time stops.
She’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

“Oh, WALL-E just fell in love with the first pretty thing he saw.”


WALL-E never fell in love with EVE solely because of looks. If he just wanted something clean and shiny, there was that diamond ring that he found just yesterday... and threw out. Yeah, WALL-E was awestruck (and possibly a bit desperate) from seeing something PRETTY that MOVED after 700 years. And you know, maybe he immediately had a crush on her. Again, moved. Pretty. 700 years.

But the “ooooooh” he gives off is closer to fascination; like the sound WALL-E makes when he finds a cool item in the trash, but more intense. He stares as “All That Love's About” plays in the background. I'm going to bring up this song a lot, because it is used in WALL-E as a sign of growth in WALL-E and EVE's relationship. He may have wondered if that was love for a moment, and the song points to this, but he was not in love yet.

WALL-E can't stop staring. EVE doesn't notice and starts scanning. WALL-E doesn't once takes his eyes off EVE when he's hiding... until he realizes the ship is taking off and will soon be hurling fire at him again. He digs another hole for himself and does not look back at EVE until he is officially safe. Yes, it's fascinating, but WALL-E is not so entranced that he isn't thinking clearly about keeping alive. As soon as he's safe, his eyes snap back to EVE, and then...

She is watching the ship rise into the clouds.
Waits until it is completely out of sight...
...then Eve rises high up into the air.
She flies around the bay.
Soars like a graceful bird.
Does loops in the sky.
Zooms right past Wally’s rock.

This is when WALL-E gives off a sound of longing. Twice. WALL-E didn't just fall in love because EVE was pretty, but because he sensed LIFE. This may seem silly to a human. We sense human life all around us. But for WALL-E, he'd never seen a robot with life before; somebody just like him. Even in videos, it was always humans. This, EVE's life, is what made WALL-E go beyond a strong fascination/crush.

And then WALL-E moved a rock.

EVE blasts him with her ion canon. It creates a mushroom cloud.

EVE is back into work mode. She has a job to do and goes on scanning. WALL-E, hiding behind the remains of the boulder he'd been looking to her from, is shaking in terror.

Naturally, he follows her.

WALL-E continues to muster up gumption with every length of ground he covers after her. Remember what I said earlier about WALL-E's fascination not being strong enough to distract him from keeping safe? Yeeeeeah. Well, to be fair, WALL-E is hiding behind a pile of tires and shaking his head rapidly as Hal's gesture to approach EVE. Either incredibly brave, stupid, or aware of how hard it is for him to die, Hal walks up behind EVE...

...And is quickly shot at.

Again, Hal is really hard to kill, and comes out of the hole unscathed both physically and emotionally. Hal is a living creature, and EVE softens upon realizing this, reaching down her arm, revealing...

...A HAND.

The script points this out for a reason, and it is echoed in the movie by a lovestruck gasp from WALL-E. EVE has a hand. A HAND. Like he has. Like those people in the movie had. He and EVE could hold hands.

She laughs. She shows emotion. WALL-E calms down and laughs to himself.

Shot at. Several times.

Every time EVE shows emotion is when WALL-E falls deeper in love with her, feels more urged to court her, or something along those lines. This time, when WALL-E is put into danger, he can't bring himself to run the smallest length away. When a pile of tires gets blasted, he runs to another nearby one and keeps staring at her. When it happens again, he does this again. When there are no more towers near, instead of running he boxes up right in front of EVE, shivering. WALL-E is quite aware that EVE could blast him just as easily when he's boxed up if his shivering is any evidence, but he won't leave. It's a far cry from when he got distracted from EVE by the ship taking off. Back then, he chose to take the smarter way to defend himself that would mean losing sight of EVE. After that, he hid behind tires and refused to approach. Now, WALL-E, though terrified, is technically facing EVE.
(electronic hums)
[Identify yourself.]

She slowly approaches Wally’s box.
Keeps her gun trained on him.

(electronic hums)
[Repeat. Identify yourself.]

Wally peeks out from his box.

(Despite being yelled at and not getting a word she says.)

We see through WALL-E's eyes. EVE has the lovestruck glow to her... while still pointing her cannon at WALL-E. “All That Love's About” plays, but remains quiet and only showing a few notes. WALL-E gets Hal back. EVE scans WALL-E. He's not what she needs. She puts the gun away and hovers off coldly. WALL-E sighs, lovestruck, when she's out of earshot.

EVE is now a character who takes her job seriously, but has a side that's emotional and curious about a specific interest related to life. Sound familiar?

WALL-E continues after EVE through her day, and the proximity at which he follows has clearly gotten closer since earlier events.

This affects more than WALL-E. EVE is starting to show more ability to think beyond protocol. After all, EVE's first program after “scan everything” is basically “shoot anything moving that you can't see”. Instead of immediately turning on WALL-E when he's watching her from near the shopping carts, she actually bothers to turn around and see who it is first (while she's scanning a pinwheel. EVE is as naïve about old world items as WALL-E is.) She may have already known it was WALL-E, she may not have, but either way she thinks for herself. And WALL-E is bombarded with shopping carts. EVE goes away she shakes her head in an “he's impossible...” manner. Yes, cold, but cold in a more human way and in a way that treats WALL-E as more of a peer.

WALL-E watches EVE scan as night falls He's normally inside at this time (Directive? What directive?) EVE does an extra spin right past him before shutting down for the night at such closeness that you have trouble believing EVE didn't see him and do that on purpose, either hoping he'd go away or playfully messing with him.

There's the trash sculpture the next morning. EVE is unimpressed (and weirded out), but again in a more human way. She doesn't shoot/scan it. WALL-E probably stayed up all night to make it, risking his charge running out. In less than an act WALL-E has gone from “REALLY REALLY fascinating, but I need to keep safe” to “I would risk getting seriously damaged to get a smile”

EVE has gone from “Very little emotion when nobody is looking” to “Emotion most of the time without care if this weirdo sees me.”

This is peak when EVE finally gets frustrated searching and totals the shipyard. WALL-E sees her, concerned with her sadness, and not only gets the closest to EVE he ever has voluntarily, but makes his presence known by whistling, and he does this right after EVE causes the most destruction she has the entire movie. WALL-E is more concerned about approaching her and comforting her.

[So what’s your story?]

EVE's voice snaps in her reply to WALL-E, but the script points to EVE officially giving up on WALL-E leaving without social contact. EVE, who earlier only even beeped to say “identify yourself!” is trying to start a conversation with WALL-E.


This is the first time in the movie so far that a character who is not part of a video says a word. That is so cool. But anyways, we now have a word to define a character's main goal. I don't have to tell you that this word is important.

WALL-E's directive is cubing trash... and apparently watching it collapse. EVE is either easily impressed, which we have seen is not the case, or trying to be nice. EVE's directive is classified, which stops the conversation... but EVE keeps it going. She asks for a name and uses her scanner to point, which is it not intended to do; a playful gesture. She could probably read it herself, seeing how she recognized the name to begin with, but she's trying to help WALL-E have a conversation.

She's being nice. And get this:

(struggles again)
W-wally? ...Wally.

WALL-E struggles to say his own name. How long has it been since he had a conversation with somebody, if he ever has? EVE says it perfectly. WALL-E melts. EVE tries teaching him how to say her name, getting to “Evah” as WALL-E awkwardly breaks into EVE's personal space. She actually laughs. Earlier you'd get within 10 feet of her and she'd turn you into a crater. EVE's character development is seamless, and it's all happening because WALL-E showed up.

The wind kicks up.
The WARNING LIGHT sounds on Wally’s chest.
He moves to grab her.

EVE defends what's left of her personal space. Back to cold and clinical... until she gets caught in the sandstorm and shouts out for WALL-E, disoriented. WALL-E reaches for her hand (She only gives him a “fin”) and gets them both home. She's“coughing” dust out as lights turn on... beautifully colored lights.

EVE is awed, and looks around, only glancing at WALL-E when spoken to.

Still, WALL-E finally managed to truly impress EVE with something, even if it wasn't the talking fish (EVE's directive remains, but again, EVE is making her own choices about what to shoot at.) EVE has her gun out and WALL-E still rushes right to her to calm her. He's over his fear. The more EVE shows emotion, and stronger WALL-E feels about her. While more subtle than earlier, this still holds true.

WALL-E shows EVE some of his collection, fueling the flicker of curiosity in EVE's personality. For a moment, both seem close to the same page. EVE doesn't grasp WALL-E's level of enthusiasm, but she finds the same things he does interesting... except Hello! Dolly. She scans it rather than looking at its heart. Negative.

WALL-E dances... and prompts her to try. The fact that EVE can't dance to save her life and knocks poor WALL-E's eye out (her concern is a far cry from the disgusted head shake when WALL-E was bombarded by carts earlier) doesn't distract from WALL-E getting more confident. It's not just EVE being changed anymore.

EVE is inspired to look at something on her own; the lighter. She even shows WALL-E something he didn't know about his own collection. The causer of huge fiery explosions is entranced by a tiny lighter, just like WALL-E is... or would be, if he wasn't more focused on something else.
It’s the closest he’s ever been to Eve.
She remains focused on the lighter.
Wally stares up at her.
...The tiny flame flickering between them...
...The Hello Dolly video plays IOTAM in the background...
Suddenly, he is moved to express his love.
Musters the courage to open his fingers...
...Timidly reaches his hand out to hers...

(His hand is shaking so loud that EVE must be really entranced not to hear it. The fact she let herself get that focused shows how safe she feels.)
-- Eve turns and looks at him.

Wally instantly chokes.

EVE goes and over to the TV as IOTAM is playing and.... scans it again. She still doesn't get it. Negative. She looks around at everything again... her eyes quickly focus on WALL-E... and she pleasantly laughs at his being a dork.

Something about Wally...

She turns back to the movie and then looks at the lighter again. The movie only has her for a moment, but she doesn't scan it this time. She's starting to notice that she doesn't understand. We're only about 30 minutes into the movie, and WALL-E has changed EVE radically without her catching it before.

And then EVE sees the plant. The thing she has been searching for. It's still her directive, and she falls back into it immediately, dropping the lighter.

So far, WALL-E and EVE have only been through growth in their relationship. EVE is guarded, but nothing has truly torn the two apart... until now.

But this is WALL-E, and he won't lose EVE without a fight. He tries everything he can possibly think of, no matter what the danger is for him. This includes some rather odd and desperate attempts, like taking the sleeping EVE out on a date of sorts, not totally understanding how EVE (or love) works. Without EVE, there isn't that inspiration that WALL-E had before. He doesn't have a reason to stay up late making sculptures.

Wally simply going through the motions.
No spirit in him at all.

Earlier, WALL-E said without hesitation that his directive was cubing trash.


Pulls out the Zippo lighter.

Flicks it a few times.
A RUSH OF WIND blows out the flame.
Distant rumbling.
Wally looks in the direction of his home.
A BRIGHT GLOW is lowering down through the clouds.

WALL-E doesn't even notice that he's been standing at a crossroads for most of the movie, but he still picks the path that EVE is down without hesitation, even if it means grabbing onto the same ship that terrified him earlier.


No response. She remains shut down.
Wally points out at the stars.

WALL-E is finally outside of Yonkers. The little tune that jungled lightly the first time we went inside of WALL-E's truck has grown and is bursting through every other sound. He is content for now, seeing the wonders of space, close to EVE, for what the script confirms as days.

WALL-E lands in the Axiom's bridge, reaching out to EVE as soon as he sees her in a line with other EVE units. He barely notices them. Just “Evah.” If any part of WALL-E's reasoning was desperation, that part is gone. Throngs of robots around, WALL-E continues to loyally follow EVE, able to spot her almost instantly in crowded hallways, oblivious to any upheaval he causes (aside from when he got somebody into serious trouble, stopping to help them. WALL-E's love for EVE isn't at an unhealthy level that he ignores the needs of others. This shows again when he politely, ignorance of personal space aside, asks Mary to move so he can reach EVE) or trouble he risks getting himself into.

EVE is soon awake again, and WALL-E makes it a goal to sneak as close to her as possible. He finally reaches her and taps her shoulder. She turns to him with a “not now” beep. (She's gotten rather used to him being around, hasn't she?) A moment later, logic kicks in and she double takes, hiding WALL-E and ranting.

(hushed; angry)
[Wally, what are you doing here?! You
can’t be here! You’re going to get me in

Despite considering WALL-E somewhat of a friend (she's almost treating him like a child though), EVE is focussed on EVE. WALL-E is also focussed on EVE, still not understanding her robotic babble and swooning over her. Soon, EVE is grabbed by mechanical arms to steady her. WALL-E flinches, arms reaching out towards EVE. Realizing the plant is gone, what is EVE's first course of action?
(turns on him)

Wally flinches. Surprised by her anger.
Eve opens Wally’s chest. Empty.
Picks him up. Scans the floor.


(angry electronics)
[Find it!] PLANT!

Wally scared of her.
Starts searching.

Not quite square one, but for now EVE's gone back to seeing WALL-E as a hindrance. Knowing that being moved will reveal WALL-E, she doesn't even attempt to help him. EVE's too frustrated with WALL-E to care much at all what the Captain was going to do to him, and seems even more steamed when it involves traveling with her... But that's exactly it. EVE has been hiding emotion when anybody else is near, but with WALL-E she goes out of her way to express this. She is putting more effort into pushing WALL-E away than anybody else, because WALL-E has been bringing a change in EVE, and it's risked her directive. WALL-E isn't just a hindrance, but also a threat.

At the repair ward, EVE is shut down while being transported into diagnostics. WALL-E watches worriedly, trapped in one of the pens. He shivers uncontrollably at the shadows of robotic arms prodding at her.

EVE, on the other hand, back online...
A series of tests begin.
Eve is annoyed but calm.
It’s all routine.

...doesn't know where WALL-E is and doesn't seen to care. As she goes through her tests, it looks like torture to WALL-E, who finally has enough and uses his laser to bust out. He smashes through the glass door of diagnostics, startling EVE as he “rescues” her gun from a repair ward arm.

EVE gently tries to calm WALL-E down. She's learned how easily startled he gets. More importantly, she knows that WALL-E isn't trying to cause harm. In fact, she seems aware that he came to rescue her. She doesn't snap at him...

Wally shrinks.
He knows he’s in trouble.


...at first, anyway. EVE is once again reminded of WALL-E's threat to the order in her life, and that is starting to be what annoys her more than his simple presence

A moment later, WALL-E is carried out by the freed repair ward inmates.

He has EVE's arm.

Eve catches up to them.
Flies over to Wally.
Snatches her arm back.
Just as she reattaches her gun...
...The steward CAMERA EYES take a snapshot of them.
Alarms sound.
SCREENS appear, displaying EVE AND WALLY’S IMAGE.
She appears to brandish her gun at camera.

EVE can't escape being connected to WALL-E now. Their faces are plastered on every holographic display. No matter where she goes, if WALL-E gets captured, she'll be with him. Unless she were to go against her directive, anyhow, which would be ridiculous.

So, a far cry from not caring less where WALL-E would go earlier, EVE rescues him. Several times. She yells at him, then rescues him again. But is it all business? She pushes WALL-E into a crevice, and puts herself between him and the hallway that the bots are heading down...

...and sees the escape pods.

They're on the TV in the elevator. Together. WALL-E thinks it's great. EVE wants to forget it ever happened, shooting it.

Still, WALL-E still yearns to hold EVE's hand (And despite only needing one hand for typing, EVE's other hand is out. The farther into the movie you go, the more her hands are split when she does not need them to be.) as she is preparing an escape pod. “All That Love's About” plays, but is chocked before it can go beyond the timid, opening notes. WALL-E doesn't understand why EVE is hurt. EVE, meanwhile, has hit her breaking point. WALL-E has pulled her too far from her directive. She'd rather face whatever trouble she could get into alone and then have some chance at normalcy. Heck, she may even he perfectly fine with having her entire memory overhauled, not understanding that she is something special.


WALL-E gets in, patting the seat next to himself.

...She’s not going.

This changes everything.

WALL-E doesn't really care about EVE's directive at this point. He just wants to be with her. It's a tad selfish, but unintended. WALL-E not knowing much about love beyond holding hands and being together. That's not to say that WALL-E's wrong to stay. He's also worried, and he's worried to the point that he's willing to stand up to EVE, giving her one of the most determined looks that he gives anybody in the whole film.

(gentle, but firm)

EVE calms herself and show compassion for WALL-E. She is starting to understand that WALL-E's concern is with her, to understand how he ticks, though she doesn't get why he's like that.

The plant comes. GO-4 had it the whole time, not WALL-E. The first thing EVE does is turn to speak to WALL-E. Why? Surely she wasn't going to ask for his help when she could zoom in there easily. EVE was going to apologize.

She never gets to, because WALL-E forgave her a while ago and is busy retrieving the plant.

EVE cries for him in worry, and quickly follows when the pod blasts off.

She races through space after him.

(After HIM.)

Suddenly, in the distance, the POD EXPLODES.

Eve is gut-punched.

In a second, all the emotions EVE has been hiding with her anger are forced out. This is EVE's turning point. She couldn't care less about her directive right now.

EVE doesn't ask about the plant for even a moment. She simply smiles and flies after WALL-E. WALL-E turns makes a u-turn.

They both pass each other from over-enthusiasm. In fact, EVE takes just as long to stop as WALL-E does, and she has much better control over her flight method.

WALL-E comes back. EVE's relief hasn't passed. She shakes her head in a “what a crazy guy” way, but a good way, reaching to scoop him up, and ends up getting hit in the face with foam. She laughs. WALL-E's joy is starting to infect her again, stronger this time.

WALL-E stops EVE from carrying him. There's something more important right now. Something EVE cared about.

EVE is overjoyed by the plant... but aside from the required scan her eyes are on WALL-E as she stuffs the plant into her container, tackling WALL-E and spinning him around. WALL-E is surprised, but enjoys the moment.

And, despite having no idea what a kiss is, she creates a way to “kiss” WALL-E. It was thought up totally on the fly, and done on impulse, but WALL-E gets it even if EVE doesn't.

[Come on. Time’s a wastin’.]

She reaches for his hand.

(Not understanding the symbolism, and WALL-E misses it as well... or does he understand that EVE only wants his hand to help him back to the Axiom?)
Wally shakes his head.
Holds up his extinguisher instead.

EVE still knows her directive, yet she does not push WALL-E when he decides to try flying on his own, despite how much longer it will take. Her directive can wait. In fact, it can wait long enough for the duo to dance all around a huge ship. And EVE is having fun with it.

WALL-E preforms a spin, and EVE copies him. EVE follows WALL-E... and then passes him, leading him into crazier maneuvers than he had attempted. WALL-E catches back up and starts spinning around her. We cut away to Mary for a moment, and when she sees them, they are both spinning together, looking at one another instead of ahead. Another cut, and when we see them again, preforming tighter and tighter spins, closer to each other, perfectly synchronized. At last, WALL-E's extinguisher goes dry and EVE scoops him up. WALL-E swoons.

EVE lets out a sort of groan.

She still doesn't get it.

Back to work.

WALL-E stares at EVE's hand. EVE's programming creates a route through the trash chute... and the sounds of her programming is glossed over by the sound of IOTAM. WALL-E still doesn't see the seriousness of EVE's situation. EVE still doesn't see the seriousness of WALL-E's gesture. She gives him a weirded-out look and shuts him up, sighing like WALL-E is impossible, and tells him to wait there (trusting him not to get into trouble.) WALL-E doesn't stop her or follow (trusting that she'll come back.)

EVE gives McCrea the plant, and the video of her memories plays. POYSC comes on. She's watching it instead of the Captain. It's no longer just data on a screen. It interests her. Her eyes look over it instead of her scanner.

The Captain urgently hovers across the room.
Eve left alone.
Her recorded memories continue playing...
...The clip changes to It Only Takes a Moment.

EVE makes a curious beep similar to what WALL-E made when he saw the clip.

Eve recognizes the music.
Watches the lovers on screen hold hands.
Something familiar about the gesture...
Looks at her own hands.
Slowly, she interlocks her fingers...

In the exact same manner WALL-E had before. She stares, almost longingly, and while still confused, knows this is what WALL-E was talking about. Like WALL-E before her, she searches her hands for importance.

WALL-E's voice plays. EVE thrusts all attention to it with a quiet hum, relaxing upon seeing him, and watching the security footage. “All That Love's About” plays at a fullness that it hasn't had a chance to since WALL-E first saw EVE. WALL-E's story all over again. EVE looks to the screen with yearning and sighs WALL-E's name before looking back to her hands.

She gets it.


WALL-E practices several “speeches,” eventually calling himself “pathetic.” He's starting to realize how hard EVE is (was) to reach.

Becomes impatient.
Sneaks his way over to the GARBAGE CHUTE.

What has to happen for WALL-E to risk his life for EVE is becoming less serious all the time. Now he's just impatient. Geez.

...Wally etches their names in a heart...
Eve is lost in the moments.
So touched.


Just like WALL-E enjoyed watching EVE before, EVE is doing the same now (she's even touched by the rather weird stuff WALL-E did to try and get her to wake up, seeming to understand WALL-E's thought process back then), until remembering that the real WALL-E is still waiting for her... but is stopped by Auto.

Chaos ensues, and EVE goes into action. WALL-E comes up, saves the plant, and sees EVE captured. WALL-E has no idea what 's going on, and he doesn't need to. He protects the plant because EVE is involved, getting shocked for it.

EVE screams. A lot. She is too disoriented to make much of an attempt to escape before deactivated and thrown down the chute herself.

EVE awakens trapped in piles of garbage. She screams for WALL-E several times before even attempting to free herself. When she finally does start to struggle, it's feeble and intertwined with more screaming.

...Eve now trapped in the side of a giant cube.
Her cube is picked up.
Transported to a waiting platform.
Stacked with other massive cubes.
Eve discovers...
...Wally trapped in the cube next to her.

WALL-E groans faintly for EVE, and she truly starts trying to pull out of her garbage cube, eventually almost shooting herself to break free. I can't say it any better than Mr. Stanton did on the commentary, “[EVE is] really now finally aligned with [WALL-E] for how strongly she feels love for him.”

“They're finally matched.”
Eve props Wally up against some trash.
He’s barely functioning.

EVE is using her scanner for something unrelated to her directive again. As she does so, the song “Fixing WALL-E” plays. The notes that open it are intensely similar to the song “EVE”, but much more melancholy. It's like listening to EVE's spirit break, but it remains timid.

None of the chips work. EVE tries to think of another plan. WALL-E opens his chest cavity, revealing the plant still inside.


WALL-E finally understands how important this is to EVE. As the movie has progressed, WALL-E has realized how much more there is to love than just holding hands and gazing at each other, and he is willing to let EVE go for that.

And imagine if EVE had left with the plant. Was WALL-E intending to yell after her that she could get parts for him if she had done what he expected next? WALL-E was willing to die for that.
Her “RETURN TO AXIOM SUPERIOR” flashes in her display.
She considers it for a moment...

WALL-E drowns out the noises of EVE's programming again. Without a word.
...then tosses the plant to the floor.

“All That Love's About” plays.

I don’t care about the plant anymore.
She holds her hand out to him.


Wally struggles to lift his hand to Eve’s.
He reaches out...

The song attempts to swell...
...and bats her hand away.

And for the first time, WALL-E is the one who stops it. There's more on this ship that needs saving, and EVE has become the catalyst for it all. WALL-E knows that now. He uses the issue of him being repaired as a last resort, and it's the only reason EVE goes.

Seems to be coming from...
...the hallway TRASH CHUTE.

EVE charges at the steward, never so determined before in her life. It offers a more menacing image to post on every hologram projector; a message for Auto. EVE barely notices the horde of bots behind her until they help defeat stewards. She zooms so quickly for the holo-detector that she leaves everybody but WALL-E behind. Despite WALL-E's weakened state, the two work as a strong team, WALL-E with the duty to drop the plant into the device.

He misses.

EVE must gently put WALL-E down and take chase, but stops to save humans from the falling people-mover. EVE's directive has changed, so she has no reason to need to protect organic life, but WALL-E's kindness has infected her like so many traits before. Keeping the humans safe, EVE can only watch WALL-E to keep the holo-detector from going down. Again, WALL-E brought up needing to repair himself as his final reason. He's in this for EVE and for others completely now.

WALL-E gets crushed. EVE screams.

McCrea finds the strength to stand. The world EVE has known her entire life is rapidly changing around her, and EVE takes less than a half minute to recognize this before screaming to WALL-E again. WALL-E's getting more crushed. EVE doesn't even care to see Auto get deactivated after everything. She is so focussed that she gasps in surprise when the ship has leveled out before zooming to the holo-detector.

It won’t budge.
She looks back to the crowd.


M-O holds up the plant and EVE watches it come to her, shoving it into the holo-detector as soon as she can and anxiously waiting for the machine to rise back up. WALL-E's crushed body falls in front of her. EVE does nothing for the rest of the trip home but caress him while calling his name desperately. Every reason she came to Earth means nothing.

“MOVE!” EVE shouts as she darts from the Axiom, stopping only long enough to locate WALL-E's home (and let Hal climb up) before heading towards it, breaking the sound barrier on the way, leaving the reject bots behind again.

...Frantically installs the new parts into Wally...
...Her arms a blur of precision in motion...

EVE knows WALL-E's mechanics by heart, and may even understand his mindset enough at this point that she can skillfully navigate WALL-E's strangely organized collection.

...Replaces his damaged CIRCUIT BOARD. The final piece...
...She opens his new solar panels...

...and BLASTS a hole in the ceiling with her gun.

Just like she made a hole in the garbage airlock. EVE is completely still as WALL-E charges. Once he has, she holds her hand out to him...

Wally gives her a blank stare.
He turns away from Eve. Motors out the truck.

“Static” plays; the same tune as “Fixing WALL-E,” except this time the tune swells into misery. EVE is seeing WALL-E with nothing but his directive, factory-fresh protocol, not far from where EVE was at the start. The way she cries out to him is incredibly close to WALL-E's cries when EVE went into sleep mode. She shakes him, just like he did.

But WALL-E isn't sleeping.

No response.
He’s gone.

EVE lets go of WALL-E's head. It sinks back to the standard position; back into the shadow of another truck looming over him.

Finally, Eve grasps Wally’s hand.

Finally, but it means nothing.

Forces his fingers to interlace with hers.
Holds him close one last time.
Leans her head against his.
Hums softly.

[Hums IOTAM]

EVE understands everything now, including how it feels to be alone. She wasn't awoken enough before meeting WALL-E to understand that.

She touches her forehead to his.
Goodbye Wally.
A TINY SPARK between them.

She painfully starts to put off. Her hand is stuck. She checks back and sees his eyes are still empty. It still means nothing. He's not there. It's just a shell. EVE first saw WALL-E as an object unrelated to her directive, and nothing more. Square one.


...a tiny SERVO NOISE.
She looks down at their hands.
They start to move.
Slowly close around Eve’s.
She looks back at his face.
Wally’s eyes gradually come into focus.
His brows raise...


EVE's reply is quiet, but overjoyed. WALL-E notices that they are holding hands and spazzes. Neither needs to say anything else. Even M-O can tell just from how they look at each other after that (thank goodness too.) WALL-E and EVE are still on the same Earth with all the same problems, only small weeds starting to pop up, but the movie ends with IOTAM playing and with the couple feeling like this is outside of Yonkers.

Towards the end of the credits, we see them in front of a rather large tree, holding hands and gazing at one another.

The same plant.

WALL-E and EVE's relationship takes a story of happily ever after and shows it in the more practical light of commitment, and becomes the purest example of love that I've ever seen in film. The two balance each other out, support each other, are honest with each other, respect each other, and of course love each other.

They seem impossibly different to begin with and slowly blend together to one heart, saving each other and the world along with them. It's thought provoking, beautiful, and insanely cute to top it off. I could gush on, but I hope what I've already said explained better than anything I could put here.

The WALL-E fandom has so much great fanstuff. These are just a few examples:

All That Love's About: A WALL-E/EVE Fanlisting
[livejournal.com profile] walleve_fans
WEVE Journal CSS
WEVE OTP Banners
Tileable WEVE Desktop
The Screenplay (PDF)


Waiting- After worriedly waiting for a late Wall-E to return home, EVE experiences a moment that teaches her about his solitude. (Very sweet and heart-wrenching ficlet.)
WALL-E 2.0- A fan-sequel to WALL-E with a lot of sweet WEVE fluff involved. I highly recommend Gojira's WEVE fics in general.
Missed By an Inch- WALL-E has the worst romantic timing. Of anyone. Ever. (A nice ficlet that goes into WALL-E's emotions during the lighter scene.)
OBJECTIVE- EVE realizes something for the first time. (The first WALL-E fanfic I read. The emotion in it is wonderful)


That it only took a moment- Beautiful WEVE wallpaper. One of the most popular pieces of fanart on DA.
WALL-E and EVE Doodles- This artist does some very nice WEVE sketchdumps.
Decorating- I love all the little details in this one. Stunning.
The Ulterior Motive- Because every good ship needs some awesome crack.
Check Yes or No-Like every good fandom with non human characters, the WALL-E fandom has some great humanizations. This artist has a lot of it, so check out their galley.
EVE's Love Letter- A lot of fans like to tell WEVE photo-stories.

Thanks to...

-You, for reading this!

-Everybody in the fandom who made me think this was a good idea.

-Everybody at WERP. RPing EVE with some talented folks has really given me a chance to think more about her character,

-Pixar for making such a beautiful film to begin with.

- debacul for making such a well written kataang manifesto, which inspired me on how to organize this.

-Ship Manifesto's mod for being so incredibly patient with me as one thing after another came up in my life.

Song lyrics used in the headers include (in order):

-Can't Help Falling In Love- A*Teens/Elvis/Etc
-I'm With You- Avril Lavinge
-Lonely Nation- Switchfoot
-Yours To Hold-Skillet
-Rebuild- Switchfoot
-Stars Would Fall (I'm Crazy)- Monk & Neagle
-Everything- Lifehouse
-Very Last Moment In Time- Lindsay Lohan
-Needle and Haystack Life- Switchfoot
-On Fire-Switchfoot
-Where You Are-Everlife
-Say Goodbye- Skillet
-A Little More- Skillet
-I Could Get Used To This- Everlife
-What a Heart Is Beating For- Chris Rice

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!
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