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Title: Obedient Man and Reluctant Girl
Author: empressdonna
Pairing: Sabriel/Touchstone
Fandom: The Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix
Word Count:
Spoilers: Major spoilers for Sabriel and Abhorsen. Possible spoilers for Lirael.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or the books. Garth Nix does.
Warning: I haven't finish reading Abhorsen for a second time, so some of this information may be incorrect, if something is wrong, please correct me.

1. The Reluctant Girl
2. The Obedient Man
3. Sabriel's Feelings
4. Touchstone's Feelings
5. The Future
6. Fandom Things

The Reluctant Girl

" "And please remember that my name is Sabriel. Not milady. Not Abhorsen. Now, I think it's time for breakfast." " Sabriel, page 175

Sabriel has been without her real parents for all of her life. Her adoptive father, known only in the books as The Abhorsen saved her from the brink of death when she was just a baby.

Ever since then, Sabriel has been going to Wyverley College in Ancelstierre not truly knowing anything about The Old Kingdom that lay across the wall. All she knew was the The Abhorsen was her father (since she was too young to know about her real parents) and that she could walk into Death and defeat the Shadow Hands. Sabriel also knows Charter Magic which is what had protected the Old Kingdom from Death's minions until now.

She never wanted to be 'The Abhorsen' at all, she just wanted to be able to save her father with the Necromancer Bells and Charter Magic embed Sword that her father sent through messenger in Death.

However, as the book goes on, She accepts who she truly is and worries about the possibility that her father is dead and that she would have to take his place as The Abhorsen.

The Obedient Man

" "Good morning, milady", he said huskily, head bowed, carefully not meeting her gaze Sabriel, page 172.

Touchstone has known no other life than to serve The Queen and King of the Old Kingdom before he was turned into a wooden boat ornament.

After Sabriel saves him from his two hundred year old magic made fate, he is really grateful to her, and acts as a butler would in a hotel. Overly polite, always calling Sabriel 'milady' or bowing in front of her, even when Sabriel tells him not too. He also asks a lot of questions at the start when we meet him in the book, due to how long he has been trapped.

But eventually, this act stops, when he gets to know sabriel better, and he becomes very helpful, even though a lot of his memory has been lost due to being under that spell for so long. It doesn't take long till he remembers places on the map.

Sabriel's Feelings

" "I don't mind", she whispered back. leaning towards him. She frowned, "I think... I think I might love you too. Charter help me, but now is --" " Sabriel, page 327.

From Chapter Thirteen until before Chapter nineteen, Sabriel doesn't really seem interested at all in Touchstone, in fact, she finds him quite annoying with the way he constantly bows like a servant and calls her 'milady'.

But, in chapter nineteen, there are a few hints that she might be starting to like him, or at least think about him in that way, such as this paragraph here.

"What did it matter? She didn't think of Touchstone in that way. Sex was the last thing on her mind. Just another complication - contraception - messiness - emotions. There were enough problems. Concentrate on planning. Think ahead. It was just because Touchstone was the first young man she'd met out of school, that was all. It was none of her business. She didn't even know his real name..." Sabriel, page 240.

It is up to the reader to read between the lines however, since it isn't obvious too much at first. However, Sabriel grows to really care about Touchstone, even saving him from the brink of Death after her father rung Astarael, the bell that can cause all, including the ringer, to walk to death.

Touchstone's Feelings

" "I love you", he whispered, "I hope you don't mind." " Sabriel, page 327.

Touchstone's feelings for Sabriel aren't really known by the reader, apart from reading between the lines until he tells her in chapter twenty-six.

He always seems like he just wants to thank her for rescuing him from Chapter thirteen onwards, but he has always had this love locked up for her for quite some time as this line states.

"Touchstone didn't speak. Everything seemed to sharpen in focus for him, centring on Sabriel, her black hair gleaming like a raven's wing in the afternoon sun. I love her, he thought. But if I say the wrong thing now I may never..." Sabriel, page 326.

He really cares for her at lot, especially when near the end she passes into death and almost dies for good. But she is brought back to him by her ancestors but The Abhorsen line must continue on.

The Future

"Sabriel looked back at him and smiled, almost despite herself. Her sadness of her father's death was still there, and her fears for the future - but seeing Touchstone staring apprehensively at her somehow give her hope." Sabriel, page 327

Nineteen years later, Sabriel marries Touchstone and they have 2 children together. That makes her become Queen of the Old Kingdom, with Touchstone at her side as her King.

Not much is seen of Sabriel or Touchstone in Lirael, just mentions them now and again, mostly Sabriel was mentioned as 'The Abhorsen' in Lirael.

Once Lirael finds out that she is a Abhorsen-in-waiting, she works with Sabriel's son, Sameth and Sabriel's helper, Mogget as well as the Disreputable dog to find out an answer that was either in life or death in 'Abhorsen'.

Sabriel and Touchstone do briefly appear in 'Abhorsen' near the end to seal Orannis with 6 other bell wielders. This part finally reveals Touchstone's true name which is the only real thing that links back to 'Sabriel'.

Fandom Things

I haven't found very many fandom sites about this coupling or this book series at all, I have linked the two not dead links that I found and hopefully some fellow fans may be able to link me to others.

Here is a fanfic that you should check out about Sabriel/Touchstone:

'Awakening' by LadySilvertongue


Mogget's Old Kingdom

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