Date: 2011-05-28 12:41 am (UTC)
Yeah, that works. Actually, there's a line in the manga that sort of defines it in a nutshell for me - "I'll always fight for Hyrule - and for Princess Zelda". She's sort of an ideal for him, I guess? I think he does love her, but it's more... I almost want to say patriotic? Afterwards, they'd have a chance for that to move to a more friendship- or even familial-type love. (I actually have trouble shipping those two because I believe they're related XD;; )

Uh huh - same with Shad and Zelda. Do they ever meet? EVER? I actually ship him with Ashei XD (They're looking at ruins together at the end, IT'S TOTALLY CANON *FLAIL*) Just because I think it'd be cute.

Yeah. I had a Zelda-centric fic idea where she had to sort out her feelings regarding Link and Sheik's relationship, although that was actually because she had a slight crush on Sheik, who she had known since she was a kid, not Link. But it'd still be totally sympathetic towards her. Because, well, I like Zelda!

Heh - well, arguably, you COULD say that the 3DS and the N64 are two seperate things? I mean, it IS legit and I already love it, but it doesn't replace the N64 version since it came first and nothing can replace the original. I personally have no problem with people seeing them as the same, though - I just don't do that myself. They're AUs - in one, Sheik is male-bodied and Link has a Stone of Agony, in another, Sheik is female-bodied and Link has a Shard of Agony. Harmony! 8D

Damn. That would actually suck.
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