Date: 2011-05-28 12:06 am (UTC)
I think that basically nails the dynamic differences between Link/Sheik and Link/Zelda. I guess I'd say that in the game, Zelda is more like Link's childhood friend, and Sheik is more of his future/adult friend? Well, in a really simple nutshell.

I find it really funny when anyone ships Shad with a main character. He only interacts with Link on a professional level - sure, you talk to him more, but he really sort of reveres Link. (Kind of the ideal/hero-worship that Link has with Zelda in the OoT manga.) It's not much of a personal connection.

To me, anyone who feels the need to bash a female character who doesn't really deserve it (or DOES deserve it, in some cases, depends on the extremity of the bashing) is automatically a really bad writer. And that would be well over half of the fanfic writers in my fandom. It's so annoying to me because I've seen someone who has done the "female gets in the way of same-sex relationship" thing very well without making the female a bitch - the exact opposite, actually; she just got in the way for being herself, but it wasn't necessarily her fault or anyone's fault.

Yeah, I've always thought of Brawl!Sheik as a female. I think Brawl!Sheik also sounds a little more female? Or is that just me?
You know what's really sad? I can already see all the raging arguments about Sheik's gender and how the 3DS remake isn't legit and all that. SIGH FANDOM.

Hey, it happens. I saw it happen to one guy and then he re-did the footage with his special name in it. Stealers ruin everything.
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