Date: 2011-05-27 11:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah - like I mentioned in the manga section, even if Sheik is a part of Zelda, the dynamic is totally different between the two. I see Link/Sheik in the manga as being more... amongst two equals, I guess? Companionable. But Link/Zelda in the manga is... Link basically reveres Zelda. She's almost an ideal to him. Still really sweet, but not the same type of relationship.

And gah, yeah. There has got to be something more than, 'omg boylove squee!' for me to ship it. Like, Link/Shad in Twilight Princess. Seriously? They have very little interaction, and while Shad does seem interested in Link, it's like a professional curiosity. There's no CHEMISTRY. (That's reserved for Midna/Link XD)

And I really hate bashing female characters :( I think if someone is going to turn a female character into an evil bitch, then they probably have no real grasp of characterisation and I'd rather not read their stories.

The Sheik in Brawl? Female, or at least female-bodied, but still seperate to Zelda. They're built completely differently, they have different skills, and the DOJO site says it outright XD ("Once you do so, you'll have access to a new character completely unique from Zelda.") I'm also leaning towards female for 3DS!Sheik - both the 3DS and the manga sort of do the same thing to the N64 version, which is elaborate on something that's not really well-specified. N64 version could be either, I tend to default to male because of the official art and because I like the manga explanation for Sheik's backstory and he's male in that, 3DS version seems to be female-bodied at this stage. It's nice and complex, I have four Sheiks XD

Huh, you have a point XD
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