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I found this ship in such a stupid way. I was icon hunting, I guess, a long time ago. And I came upon Sorority Boys icons, and there was Adam and Dave (dressed as Adina and Daisy) with OTP written on the icon. Obviously Michael Rosenbaum is one of my favorite people ever, and I adore Barry Watson from 7th Heaven, so I was just like, "I need that. Badly."

So I present to you, Adam/Dave, from Sorority Boys.

After giggling together, and harassing the president of their sorority, the boys play off each other.

Adam: Dave?
Dave: What's that, Adam?

The yin and yang concept. Clean versus messy, responsible versus wild.

When Adam makes a joke, most of the guys don't even give him a glance. Though they find it funny, Dave is pretty much the only one who looks directly at Adam, and gives him a real smile.

They ducked their heads down together, so that, pretty much, Dave's ear would be to Adam's ear.

When Adam gets mad at Doofer and starts to beat him up, Dave gets him to re-focus and calm down by getting handsy with Adam's clothes.

Adam touches Dave as much as possible while sitting down and then they bicker.

Adam: This dress is too god damn tight.
Dave: Well... I told ya!
Adam: Yeah, well you don't really have the best selection when you shop at Good Will, alright?

Dave and Adam's feet are touching, and Adam's knee is on top of Dave's thigh.

It's not exactly straightening a tie for him but... a similar concept. And then of course the groping that'd be occurring were they actual breasts. In fact that's kind of how Adam reacts. Given he was a she with a creep husband who took when she wasn't feeling it, rather than having Adam who's being sweet and indulgent and helpful.

I look like shit.
Dave: No you don't.
Adam: Yeah, I do! I look like shit!
Dave: No you don't. You - You look beautiful.
Adam: That's easy for you to say, you're pretty.
Dave: Oh, thanks. I just kind of threw it together...

Then they realize they were having both a gay and a girl moment and Dave reminds Adam he's late for class.

Adam: My bra is rubbing me raw, I have a fat ass, and I twisted my ankle three times today!
Dave: Well why are you wearing heels? We're in college. No one's wearing heels.
Adam: Dude, they make my legs look slimmer. I have a fat ass.
Dave: (laughing, like a husband who thinks his low-self-esteem wife is being ridiculous like she probably is, but then gives a serious tone and look at the end to let Adam know he's being serious) No you don't.
Adam: Yes I do!
Dave: No. You don't. Look, relax. It's gonna be okay.
Adam: No it's not gonna be okay!

When Dave catches Adam trying to see if he's really fat in the mirror, Adam tries to act like he's not doing anything at all, slightly bashful, and instead of just flipping him off, acts like a girl, brushing her hair. I don't know if I'm mentioning this because I also think it's important how easily they slip into femininity, or because I think Dave has this way of bringing out a softer side of Adam, while still holding a firm grasp of every other part of Adam too.

Like every pair, they have their problems, and this problem revolves mainly around the canon pairing of Dave/Leah. Dave's supposed to make sure that Adam can get in, roofie Jimmy, get the tape, and get out. When he fails to show up because Leah is falling for Daisy and asks Dave to hang around, Adam gets into a bit of trouble. So, that's incredibly unfortunate, and Adam and Dave get into a fight that involves, "I can't believe you betrayed me!" and "You're half the woman she is!" "Take that back!"

Adam: You and your new girlfriend could care less about what happens to me! I waited all night for you!
Katie: (watching) Lover's quarrel!

The fight goes outside of the room. Adam reveals how deeply it hurts him to think Dave might not actually care that much about him. He'd planned on getting a job and working with Dave for probably the rest of his life, but now he thinks that maybe Dave doesn't really care if that happens at all.

Then they have kind of an epic dildo fight. ... Adam shouts at Dave to eat it as he shoves a dildo between his lips. You know.

As soon as they get off the ground again, Adam kind of breaks down. He can cry in front of Dave, which I think is important. And then even though they were just kicking each other's asses, Dave keeps rubbing Adam's arm, and then gripping them comfortingly. Then he uses soft tones, and touches Adam's face a couple of times.

Adam: You don't know what I'm going through! I used to be the go-to guy at KOK, okay? Now look at me! I'm ugly! I would never fuck me!
Dave: That's not true! That's not true. You once had sex with Lisa Philban. Yeah! Remember? You're much prettier than she is.

The three boys go shopping because they need more makeup and dresses.

Adam: Oh... I'm sure that would look good on an anorexic. Why can't they design dresses for girls who need to hide a big caboose!
Dave: (quietly) You know... You really don't have a big caboose...

Yet again, even though Adam is no longer seeking comfort, Dave tries to convince Adam that he's not fat, and that his insecurities are all in his head because he genuinely cares not only about Adam's overall and general happiness, but about how Adam feels about himself. Adam has been kicked down by guys ever since he made the transformation, and Dave is trying to be the guy who can make Adam feel beautiful as he is.

So Dave gets the job, which means that Adam (and Doofer) will have jobs where Dave is. They spin around like girls, and then hug tightightight. And then um, lol, they get caught by Leah who thinks Daisy is her girlfriend-basically-ex-because-Dave-said-Daisy's-moving. What's particularly great, though, is that Adam refuses to let go of Dave after Leah's stormed out.

Anyway, great things happen, and that's the end.

So wrong, by myself. Not necessarily the only fic out there, but I really haven't read much to rec.

Date: 2011-05-16 04:41 pm (UTC)
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I ♥ you for this! I've only read one Adina character study and several Sorority Boys/Smallville crossovers. There should be more SB fic!


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