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Title: The Love Affair at the End of Existence
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eleni459
Fandom: Eureka Seven
Pairing: Dominic/Anemone
Spoilers: Spoilers for the entire anime

Note: This manifesto will deal solely with anime canon. Also, any quoted material was transcribed from the dub. That said, I came to the series through the fansub and I try to use both the dub and fansub terminology when there is a discrepancy.

Also, there are footnotes. Just hover your cursor over the number and the text should pop up.


Where the Daylight Begins: The Series Set-Up

In the world of Eureka Seven, there are no oceans and people surf the skies. Humanity left Earth thousands of years before taking up residence on their current home. They’re not alone, though. Humanity shares this planet with the Scub (or Scab) Coral, a sentient being that lives below the crust and is rarely seen or heard from. Many people are happy to live in harmony with the Coral. Others are perfectly happy to live oblivious to its existence. Still others would do anything in their power to see it destroyed.

Enter Renton Thurston. The small-town life he lives with his grandfather Axel bores him. His father, the national hero Adrock, and sister dedicated their lives to the secrets of the Coral. They disappeared when they got too close. They had the quest to understand the Coral to give their lives depth. What would he have that would give that to him? All this changes when a robot piloted by the mysterious girl Eureka crashes into his world. A quick turn of events puts Renton into her robot, the Nirvash typeZERO, and together they create a phenomenon that had not been witnessed in years. The bond they share allows him entry into Gekkostate, a group of elite sky surfers (dub term: “lifters”; fansub term: “reffers”)/ecological vigilantes who Renton has admired from afar. What starts out as a chance to ride the skies with his idols turns into a mystical journey in which the planet and all of existence can be saved based on the courage and love of two crazy kids.

But I’m not really here to talk about them.

Let’s meet the stars of this party.


Dominic Sorel – Company Man

With his family torn apart by war, Dominic Sorel turned all of his hopes toward one man: the disgraced Lieutenant Colonel Dewey Novak. After a few years, this loyalty pays off, and Dominic finds himself with a cushy military job at a very young age. He knows that some of the more seasoned military officers dislike him but he doesn’t care. His main duty is to care for the Colonel’s secret weapon: Anemone. However, the more he works with her, the more uncomfortable he becomes with the mission with which he has been charged. As the Colonel pushes the planet and Anemone toward devastation, his loyalty is tested. Should he stick with the Colonel who gave his life meaning or the young woman whose life both he and the Colonel are tearing apart?


Anemone – Flower Trying to Bloom

With Anemone, looks can be deceiving. She is a bubbly – if bratty – young woman who lives for sweet food and her pet. She’s also a cold mercenary who will let nothing stand between her mark and herself. Anemone is the pilot of theEND, Dewey Novak’s secret weapon that is similar to Eureka’s robot, the Nirvash typeZERO. Though her moments in the machine make it appear as if she was born to be its pilot, other signs suggest otherwise. Her moods and violent headaches often stand in the way of her doing her job and the only thing that will pull her out of this funk is the injection of a drug into a receptor located beneath her chin. As she begins to falter at her missions, her esteem plummets and she knows that she must do whatever it takes to remain relevant to the man who saved her - even if it results in her destruction. Who, or what, is this young woman without origin?


Be Your Harbor: His View
All right then. There’s someone I love. No, more like infatuated.1* She doesn’t care for me one bit. But then, none of that really matters. I don’t want her to be in any more pain than she already has been. I just want to save her! She’s the pilot of theEND. I want to protect Anemone!
- Dominic, EP 45 – Don’t You Want Me

It’s a bit easier to track Dominic’s feelings about their relationship. From the beginning, Dominic seems to hold her in higher regard than he does anyone else, excluding Dewey Novak. In episode 11, we can see this when Dominic is berating Captain Jurgens before he turns to remind Anemone that it is almost time for her to intercept the Coralian. With Jurgens, his tone is brash and cocky. The moment he turns to Anemone, his voice and face softens, offering her a kind of gentleness that he doesn’t offer to anyone else. This leads into another early sign of Dominic’s affection for Anemone: he, unlike many of the other military officers, views Anemone as more than a weapon and as a distinct entity from theEND. When he tries to sway Jurgens into rescuing her after contact with the Coralian, he states that they must “protect Anemone and also […] protect theEND.”2* Here, not only is Anemone separate from theEND, she is foremost in thoughts. When Dominic breaks rank to rescue Anemone and theEND, he doesn’t call in for assistance so that the military could rescue the robot, much less capture Eureka, Renton, and the Nirvash. Dominic’s only seeks to ease whatever pain Anemone suffers.

And this goal is what pushes him away from the military. Every time he attempts to secure a sabbatical for her, Dewey shoots the idea down. His attempts to save her from the jabs and machinations of the Ageha Squad inevitably end in failure. More importantly, he notices that he has lost Anemone’s confidence. She begins to become more aggressive and snide with him. She shoots him down when he attempts to buoy up her self-esteem. When he finally gives her a glimpse of his feelings for her, she returns his kiss with a vicious bite on the lip. Despite her protests and actions, he still insists that he would be “honored”3* to save her. And he receives his chance to do so when Dewey sends him to Warsaw to choose a replacement pilot for theEND. Anemone, he believes, will be free of the burdens that piloting imposes on her if he can choose a new girl to take her place. But these prospects turn to despair and disgust when Dominic finally realizes the kind of torture than made Anemone into who she is. Even if he had been able to choose another pilot, all of the pilot candidates die a brutal, tearstained death as they are tested in front of him. “I thought I knew more than anyone else the pain of living alone. That was all the more reason why I wanted to support Anemone,”4* he tells Jurgens as they ride back to the ship, distressed that all of his best intentions have only lead to deepen the pain that Anemone suffers.

So, it is only when Dominic defects to Gekkostate that he is finally permitted to save Anemone. Before, Dominic has tried to work within the confines of what was expected of him. He did not realize that the boundaries Dewey had instilled within the military were never meant to allow for Anemone’s good health or sound mind. He couldn’t be her subtle caretaker. In the state she is in, subtlety won’t help. Dominic chooses to hurtle himself (and Gulliver) through a quickly shrinking hole in the crust to reach Anemone on the other side. It was this action – sending himself as close to death she was – that snapped her out of her depression and into the air so that she could save him. He is more than shy about his achievement. “I don’t think I really saved you,” he tells Anemone moments before theEND swoops in to shield them both from the water. “You tried to save me,”5* she replies. For a moment, he has forgotten that she never believed that anyone would come for her. At that moment, he wasn’t the hero that he wanted to be, but he was the hero that she needed.


Reach Out to My Weakness: Her View

Someone on my mind? I had someone. Yeah, past tense. I think about how I should have told him how I felt. I kinda hate myself a little for that. But there’s nothing I can do about it now.
- Anemone, EP 48 - Ballet Mechanique

When watching the series, it often appears as if Anemone is either uncertain or unaware of her feelings for Dominic until the final six or so episodes. Her attachment to him is something that grows throughout the series. In fact, many of their initial interactions would point to her not caring much for him at all. When we first see Dominic and Anemone interact at the end of Episode 10 (Higher Than The Sun), Anemone gives him a punch to the nose. This isn’t the only time she hits him. A major pattern in the earl part of their relationship revolves around the two of them dealing with her violent moods. It almost seems as if she doesn’t hold much affection for him. In fact, her affections seem placed solely upon Dewey Novak. Like Dominic, she was placed into the life that she lives by Dewey. She wants to do what Dewey asks of her. But to do that, she knows that she needs Dominic. Anemone, despite wanting to please Dewey, cannot do this on her own. She is often crippled by fear and physical pain to the point at which she will refuse to pilot theEND. During the first season, Dominic is the only one we see inject her with the drug that allows her to pilot theEND without pain. This is the other major pattern in their relationship for the first half of the series. But as the series progresses, the actions begin to make more sense.

The anger that Anemone often aims at Dominic comes from a place of disappointment. Though Anemone holds a great deal of respect for Dewey, she knows that she has to fight to maintain the respect she believes that he holds for her. Dominic, on the other hand, is her liaison to the military at large. Anemone is rarely seen around anyone else who is supportive of her. She never expects anyone but Dominic to come to her aid. In fact, she calls out for Dominic in episode 32 (Start it Up) when the girls from the Ageha Squad forcefully prepare her to pilot theEND. As the series goes on, she begins to realize that, in his current position, he can’t help her. This is why Dominic’s positivity begins to progressively annoy her. He doesn’t know all the details about her or her role in Dewey’s plan. Nearly every choice he makes from the middle of the series on puts her in danger. Dominic is the one who tries to get her removed from certain missions. He’s the one who informs everyone of when she fails. “Do you think he’ll give me another chance to try? I failed twice already. You think Dewey would give me a third chance? Why can’t you understand something so simple?”6* she tells him after discovering that Dominic has sent a report of her most recent failure to Dewey. When she confronts him, we can clearly she that she is furious. Her eyes are wide and wild, her face his scrunched and uncomfortably contorted, and she is sweating profusely. While her anger is the most obvious and aggressive emotion seen in this scene, her disappointment is what drives her. She cannot look him in the eye when she confronts him and she stalks away with her head dejectedly held down. Dominic is her support system. In her mind, he is supposed to be solely on her side.

Through this disappointment, the viewer can see what Dominic means to her. At the same times, this disappointment is what sends her into her spiral. Her final failure to capture the Nirvash before it broke past the limit completely knocked the wind out of her. So, when Dominic finally gives her a sign as to how he felt and that he would be willing to be her savior, she could not accept it. He still believes that simple heroism will save the day. She can see the cold hard truth about what her fate will be. “Don’t cling to me desperately,”7* she tells him after biting his lip. He has finally told her what she wanted to hear, but she believes that it is too late. It’s days later when she discovers that Dominic has defected from the military to Gekkostate. From what she knew about the situation, he has proven her right. So, believing that she was alone and that she had nothing left to live for, she agrees to fly the beacon to the Coralian Command Center. Something inside her seems to know that this is intended to be a suicide mission and, at this point, we finally hear her reflect on her life. Here, she admits what she hadn’t wanted to admit to herself: she was in love with Dominic and that if she had just opened up to him he might have stayed.

When she realizes that Dominic has followed her, she cries and shakes her head in disbelief. He wasn’t supposed to care. Yet here he is, falling fast toward the ocean that she just fired a shot into. She cries out his name and theEND releases her out the sky. They reach out and, aided by Gulliver, grasp hands and latch onto each other. At first, she snaps at him. How could he be so stupid as to do what he did? But she realizes why he did it and, smiling, tells him that she can forgive him for this. Dominic notices a change in her and wondrously talks about the new expression on her face: a soft smile devoid of the anger or pain that had infected it before. “This is my first time to have such a wonderful feeling,”8* she explains. The shroud that had been her lonely worldview has been lifted. She couldn’t be happier.

hand hold

I'm Holding Your Hand: Together

You’re right. I do have Dominic at my side. Someone who’s much more handsome than Eureka’s boyfriend.
- Anemone, Episode 50 – Wish Upon A Star

Their immediate happiness is short lived. Dewey fires the final shot into the Command Cluster and it is destroyed, taking theEND with it as it shades Dominic and Anemone from the explosion. Anemone is heartbroken by this turn of events. She may have lost theEND, but Dominic and Gulliver stay by her side. The three of them watch from afar as Dewey’s aircraft drifts into their world as it tries to aggravate the Scub Coral and finally destroy Eureka and the Nirvash. Anemone is nearly taken over by mechanism set up by Dewey so that either she or Eureka would become the substitute Command Cluster. She is saved by Eureka’s sacrifice.

We see them again as they join up with Gekkostate after Dewey’s death. Anemone, along with others from Gekkostate, helps to explain what had happened to she and Eureka after Dewey’s death and what was going on with Eureka in the new Command Cluster. Dominic and Anemone watch as the Gekko-go soars up to save Eureka. For a moment, Anemone seems to slip into her old feelings of desolation. Jurgens, of all people, must remind her that she still has Dominic. She smiles and agrees. Dominic is at first embarrassed at the sudden attention but he eventually shrugs it off. He states that he is through with playing and it was Renton’s turn to play the final hero.

We do not receive a full run down as to what happens to Dominic and Anemone but, in the epilogue, we see them sitting beside a motorcycle as they stare up at Renton and Eureka’s initials carved on the moon. As the epilogue takes place a year after the main events of the series have happened, this points toward Dominic and Anemone maintaining contact and togetherness after all the drama has passed.


Seeing Too Clearly: Why Ship?

By the end of the series, the canonicity of Dominic/Anemone is nearly undeniable. However, I don’t think that canon should stand as the sole basis for active shipping. So what makes this pairing interesting?

As a couple, I find them disturbed but also really reassuring. They both have had sad or tortured pasts. They have both made terrible mistakes. At times, you see the abuse that Dominic endures and wonder why he sticks by her. But as the series goes on, you see both of their roles in the drama better. They’re both to blame for certain things but they’re both victims of a larger evil that can’t be redeemed. While being together doesn’t always seem to be in their best interests, their relationship forms the thing that keeps them from falling too far into the dark side. If Dominic didn’t have the dream of helping Anemone, he would’ve stayed with Dewey and possibly become a more desolate person. If Anemone didn’t have Dominic, she wouldn’t have had anyone to bind her to the real world and to human emotion. She would’ve become what Dewey wanted her to be. Together, however, they can push that aside and more forward.

There is also something really satisfying about them finally getting together. He’s torturing himself about his past actions with her and she hates herself because she was never able to say what she feeling. When they finally meet in the sky, it points to them being able to work through these issues. They have come so far in such a short amount of time. But they will still have many issues to work through. In the end, they’re going to need each other.

the end

Got a Journey to Make: Fandom - Communities, Fiction, Art and Fan Videos

The Dominic/Anemone fandom isn’t really organized as a distinct entity within the Eureka Seven fandom at large. However, material based on this pairing is abundant within the large Eureka Seven communities.

[livejournal.com profile] eureka_7: The main community for all your Eureka Seven needs.
[livejournal.com profile] e7fanfiction: The fanfiction community.

The characters and pairing all have fanlistings:

Love – The Dominic/Anemone fanlisting
CrazyAngel – Anemone’s Shrine
Militarius: Dominic Sorel

Fan fiction, fan art, and fan videos, though not abundant in number, are readily found on certain sites.

Fiction Recs:

Save Me The Waltz by Poisonous
Memento Mori by Ninde158
Touch by [livejournal.com profile] iwontpromise
What Without a Dance by Wolf-of-Words
She Was Right by Gimpyslair
It's the Knowing That Hurts by [livejournal.com profile] suzanami
Practice Makes Perfect by [livejournal.com profile] suzanami
My Dominic/Anemone [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses Theme Table(Current Amount Completed: 6/30) [end self pimpage]

Art Recs:

Deviant Art Recs:

Japanese Fan Sites:
http://gogonokaze.ciao.jp/index.html : Note: Also contains lots of Gin/Matsumoto and L/Misa

Video Recs:

Dominic and Anemone: Crazy For This Girl
Anemone and Dominic: Is it Love?
Eureka Seven AMV - So Serious

End Notes:

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] suzanami for her work as a reader and fan art finder. No one will know how you put up with my laziness and inability to meet the deadlines I set for myself. You have been a big help.

All the headers have swiped their names from Vienna Teng lyrics, particularly -

The Tower and Harbor

Why Vienna Teng? Many moons ago, there was a Dominic/Anemone AMV on youtube that used "The Tower" as it's theme. It's gone now, but I always liked it and the song affected the way I saw the pairing.

Date: 2007-08-24 10:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] halevy.livejournal.com
ghsejkhsjkghsgh I haven't read this yet but the fact it's ANEMONE/DOMINIC just makes me flail. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS ALREADY. 8D
(deleted comment)

Date: 2007-08-25 03:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] turnpike.livejournal.com
[adds to the squee] i love this pairing so much, so i was really looking forward to reading this. thanks for all the recs!

Date: 2007-08-27 03:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] suzanami.livejournal.com
You're welcome. :3
It turned out great!!! Like I said before, the character analyses are my favorite part; you have such a good grasp of these wonderful characters. And I like the way you incorporated the images around the text and the linked ones, too. Made me feel more involved as I read it. The caps are perfect.

Again, great manifesto! I'm just glad I got to be a part of it, lol! XD~

Date: 2007-08-28 01:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gimpyhair.livejournal.com
This is way too great, thanks for taking the time to write this and thanks for the reference to my fanfic and fanart.

I'm just a little sad that you didn't include in your manifesto the manga story, since it's the same characters but with a different version of the story.

Date: 2007-09-19 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tonakatonbone.livejournal.com
I like this pairing alot

Date: 2007-11-20 05:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mm-kokopelli.livejournal.com


because dominic is teh smexy and anemone is teh cute and together they are teh hawt

Date: 2008-03-27 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mm-kokopelli.livejournal.com
No problemo.

they are the madeofAWESOME!couple for E7. Far better than Renton and Eureka. Oh yes.

Date: 2008-02-26 02:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hikaruasakura.livejournal.com
Nice manifesto, I just watched Eureka seven and I totally liked this ship. Every moment of them.
Thanks also for the links ^^


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